Family Room Update

January 13, 2011

Remember when I shared our family room make-over?

 I love how it looked for Christmas. But once I had to take down all of the Christmas decorations, it looked a little....well sad. 

So I did what any budget savvy girl would do. I shopped the house! Shopping the house means you "shop" around what you already have and pull items that you aren't currently using and see what you can come up with. I found all of these items just sitting around collecting dust in various closets and baskets.
And here is the room now.

 Mantle display complete with mason jars that used to be my grandma's. 

Pine cones in a mercury glass vase. Adorable and easy.

 More mason jars. I'm sort of obsessed.

 I found a great home for my yarn wrapped letter. I also am so excited about the mason jar photo. It says "it's the little things" on it and I love it. Erin and I found it here.

Some more updates include finally finding the perfect shelf to display our family photos. It took forever to find one that 1) I liked, and 2) was inexpensive. Hobby Lobby to the rescue again!

I also found the perfect basket from Target to hold all of our games and remotes under the coffee table. 

I'm still working on window treatments, but so far I'm happy with how the room turned out! Now, what should my next project be???

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14 Responses to “Family Room Update”

  1. It looks so great!! Those Mason jars are amazing!

  2. Gosh, I'm going to say the same thing as Sarah. It looks fabulous...and I love how you incorporated Mason Jars (they are my favorite)

  3. I'm saying the same thing as the comments above. When I saw the pic of the mason jar...I thought what a great picture Julie took. I also love the pic of you and Jon (I'm guessing in Hawaii).

  4. It's such a cozy're finding the perfect little touches to make it special. Great job!

  5. 1. i hate you for having hobby lobby. 2. i spy a target chalkboard basket!
    3. i LOVE the mason jars, and mason jar print. mason jars are an amazing thing to be obsessed with. and 4. LOVE THIS ROOM. can i come over and "shop" in your house?

  6. I LOVE your family room! The mason jars are such a great idea and I love the basket under the table :)

  7. It looks great!! Wonderful job!

  8. Love the picture Erin and you found. Family room looks great!!!

  9. I love it!!! your Yarn letter looks great in there, it's a perfect accent! :)

  10. I think your next project should be.....

    To come to my house and make it look awesome.!

    Great idea, huh?

  11. a) you are BEAUTIFUL! gosh your hair is gorgeous b)you're crafty. c) I might already be a little obsessed with your blog. Yikes, creepy? Newest Follower :)

  12. Love it! So pretty and colorful. I shop my house too!

    PS. Your family photos are gorg and you need to teach me how you get your hair to look like that!


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