July 29, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it. . .Friend's Babies

Y'all, my friends are all having babies. And they are irresistible. I want one too...but not for awhile (relax mom!). Right now I'm enjoying lovin' on other people's babies. Last weekend we went to visit our friends Chris and Jamie and we finally got to meet their precious little girl, baby S. Isn't she adorable? She's six months old and was an angel the entire time. I held her for a long time and even got the husband to agree to sit with her in his lap.

I didn't snap any photos until it was her bedtime...so please excuse my low light editing. Regardless, baby S is adorable.

And she loved the camera. Thanks baby S for being so sweet and perfect, and thank you Chris and Jamie for letting me love on your little girl!

July 26, 2010

I think I've got the decorating bug...

Remember last week when I posted the new chandelier in my dining room? Well, not only did I hate the old chandelier in there but I also hated the lights above my kitchen island.

Ugly, right? They are too big for the space and don't match the feel of my kitchen. And they sort of look like boobs to me.

See what I mean? Maybe Madonna would like them in her kitchen.

Ideally I would love to install a light fixture pot rack combo above the island. But that would mean we would need to drill a new hole in the middle to hang the fixture, re-work the wiring, and patch the holes left by the old lights. Which basically means we would have to hire someone to do the work. And my budget for this project is $20. So, as a compromise I began looking to just replace the ugly glass globes. Easier said then done because the fixtures seem to be an odd size. Anyway, I finally found some that would work!

First I needed to paint the bases black to match the pretty chandelier we hung last week.

It was too much work to take them completely down, so I just loosened them a bit and taped some newspaper around the bases. The husband thought I was crazy. Maybe I was, a little.

My supplies: spray paint and a Cheerios box. Only the most sophisticated materials were used for this project.

I know what you're thinking....you spray painted something inside your house? Yes, I did. And it worked fabulously. I just opened some windows and went at it. I used the Cheerios box as a shield for stray spray paint so it wouldn't go everywhere and make a mess. Then I just snapped the new globes on.

And here they are! SO much better than before, don't you think?

Here they are with the chandelier. I'm so happy I've finally gotten rid of the ugly fixtures! It feels much more me now. Next project: work on the dining room chairs.

July 22, 2010

Love it. . . Keep it. . .My iphone

This week I'm really lovin' on my birthday present from the husband....an iphone! I've been wanting one for forever....and now I don't know what I did without it! I'm obsessed. I waited patiently (sort of) for it to arrive on my birthday....and it didn't. It came five days later....and then I my computer decided it hated the iphone and I couldn't activate it. So I cried. Yes, I cried...I know it sounds lame but I was just so frustrated. Luckily I got it working the next day....and after 30 minutes on the phone with at&t I was good to go! Totally worth all the trouble.

So now, I need some apps! So far I've added Facebook, Words with Friends, Flixter, iBooks, and Photoshop Mobile. What apps do you love?

July 20, 2010

How to curl your hair

Are you ready for the big hair post? Several people have asked me to share how I curl my hair, and I a so flattered! I asked my mom to help document the process...so here we go!

First, a word on my hair: it is really thick and somewhat wavy so I only have to wash it every other day. I usually wash it at night, let it air dry for an hour, and then blow dry it for a few minutes. And yes, after an hour of air drying my hair is still not dry! I told you it was thick. Anyway, I go to bed with straightish hair and then curl it in the morning. The next day I usually just have to touch up the curls instead of having to curl my entire head, so it really saves time!

Mom's Visit July '10_7585
First up, the supplies. I use Aussie's Sun-Touched Shine Hi Hold + Hi Shine Hairspray. It is fabulous. My curling iron is just an old Conair from Target. It is really beat up, but still works great!

I section my hair off into 3 parts. The fist is the bottom layer, then the middle, then the front/top. I just pull the un-curled hair into a bun on the top of my head. Here is the bottom layered already curled.

To get the perfect curl, start by grabbing a small section of hair and squirt with a little hair spray.

Then begin to curl from the top. Hold the top section for 3 seconds or so.

Then, open up your curling iron an smidge and move down to grab more hair. Hold for 3 more seconds.

Next, open your curling iron again to get the rest of the hair. Hold in place for 3 seconds.

Then release down.

I part my hair on the left side, so I curl my hair in different directions depending on which side I'm working on. For the left side I curl counter-clockwise. In this picture I'm curling the right side so I go clockwise.

Once all of my hair is curled I secure it in a loose bun at the nape of my neck. Then I usually put my make-up on. I've found that this allows the curls to settle a bit and not be too stiff. Make sure the bun is really loose.

After I'm done with my make-up I take the bun out and gently toss my hair around to separate the curls. I don't want to look like Shirley Temple!

The finished product. I would love to hear if this method works for you! Happy curling!

Edited to add: the curling process usually takes about 20 minutes!

July 19, 2010

Chandelier Re-do

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I had a great few days off with my mom and the husband. Mom just left to go back home to California, which means I have to go back to real life....cooking dinner and doing the dishes instead of hanging out and decorating my house. I had such a great time with her...it is always sad to see her go.

Since my mom is really handy I always put her to work when she visits.One of the projects she helped out with was replacing the ugly chandelier in my dining room. I have hated that chandelier since we moved in! 

Mom's Visit July '10_7567
Here is the before. Ugly. Totally not my style.

Mom's Visit July '10_7568
Another shot. Please ignore the mismatched chairs...I'm working on fixing that problem too...one project at a time.

Ta da! Isn't it beautiful? And it fits in so much better with the decor in my house. It only took about a hour to install....and of course the husband lended his muscles to the cause too. (Holding that chandelier above your head gets heavy!). I did most of the wiring and my mom was the brains of the operation. When we were finished and the husband went to turn the power back on I got a little nervous...so I made sure our fire extinguisher was handy...just in case. Needless to say we didn't need it!
View of the dining room now....with Pancake. Much better right? The chandelier and mini shades are all from Lowes.

The next day my mom installed a dimmer switch for the chandelier....so we can have some romantic lighting. It was really easy to install....but I mostly watched.

Thanks for all your help mom! I'm ready for you to come back and help me paint the front door and install a new mail box!

July 13, 2010

The Cone of Shame

Has anyone seen the movie Up? If not, go watch it now. Trust me. In the movie a dog named Doug  has to wear what he calls the"cone of shame" whenever he is in trouble.

Wrigley Surgery_7428

We've got our own cone of shame wearing dog around here. Only it isn't because he's in trouble. Wrigley isn't too fond of his new collar....and I don't blame him.

Wrigley Surgery_7435

Last week he had surgery to remove a growth on his right leg...and now has 7 stitches. See the little bald spot on his leg? He keeps pick pick picking at the stitches so on went the cone.

Wrigley Surgery_7437
He's still cute, even with the cone! Hopefully he gets his stitches out in the next few days and we can toss it in the trash!

July 12, 2010

A Blog with Substance

Happy Monday everyone! I usually am not a fan of Mondays, but this week I only have to work today and tomorrow and then I'm off for 5 days! My mom is coming out here from California to help me celebrate my birthday. I'm so excited!

Anyway, I am honored to let you know that Kristen, from All In My Twenties, has given me the Blog with Substance award! Kristen is one of the sweetest bloggers out there and I just love reading her blog! Thanks Kristen! I am truly grateful for the award. You totally made my day!

I'm supposed to talk about the philosophy of my blog...which I've never really thought about before. I guess I just want to talk about everyday life, things I love, and friends I meet. I have really enjoyed getting to know people through their blogs and I am honored that other people want to read about my life too. So thank you readers! I'm definitely planning something special for you all soon...so keep an eye out!

I'm going to pass this award on to a few fellow bloggers:

Ally @ He's Still Got the Whole World in His Hands
Sara @ Perfect for a Blonde, But I'm not that Blonde
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Kelsey @ The Seattle Smiths

July 8, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it . . . Blog Friends and Awards

This week I am really feeling the love from my blog friends! I appreciate you all so much! I read each and every comment...multiple times. It makes me feel so loved! I have been so busy the last few weeks that I've fallen behind on leaving comments for others. But don't worry, I plan on setting aside some time this weekend to read all my favorites and leave comments. I think it is so important to leave some love for each other...I know it means the world to me when you take the time to comment on my blog or send me an e-mail. I want to do the same for you!

I have received a couple of blog awards from some of you...so let's get started with the first one, the Sugar Doll award given to me by two great bloggers, Stephanie and Ally. Thank you girls so much! You both made me smile and I love reading your blogs.

So, here are the rules: Thank the person who gave you the award, share ten things about yourself, pass this award onto ten bloggers who you think are fantastic, and contact the bloggers to let them know you’ve picked them for an award.

So, I know you all love to hear more random facts about me, right? (I hope so!).

1. When I was little I used to hate having red hair. I wanted blonde hair and blue eyes like all of my friends. However, now that I'm an adult my hair is my absolute favorite thing about myself. I secretly love it when someone comments on my hair!

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with Swedish Fish. The red ones of course. I had stop buying them because I always end up eating way too many and making myself sick. Man, I wish I could still eat a ton of candy like I did as a kid and not get sick! Getting older is no fun!

3. My birthday is next week, July 14....I'll be 20 something.....let's just keep it at that for now! Did you know that July 14th is the French Independence Day? When I turned 9 my mom and I were in Paris for the 14th and they had a ton of fireworks...my mom told me they were for my birthday and it made me smile.

4. I love all animals. The other day there was a turtle in the middle of a semi-busy street by our house. We drove by it and I almost started crying because I was worried he would get hit by a car. Luckily I married a great man who offered to turn the car around and carry the turtle to safety. And we did just that.

5. In my life I've had 14 cats and I can name them all in order: Higgins, Blackie, Ethel, Lucy, Wizard, The Tramp, Pumpkin, Mouser, Molly, Pepper, Bailey, Scout, Pancake, and Henry. The last two live with me and Scout lives with my mom. The rest are in kitty heaven.

6. Despite my love for red shoes and accessories, my favorite color is actually green.

7. I have the best mother in the world. When I'm a mom I want to be just like her.

8. I know all the lyrics to SNL's digital short "I'm on a Boat" music video. My friends (and husband) are totally impressed with my skills.

9. If I could pick one talent I wish I had it would be the ability to sing. I've always wanted to be a good singer...but sadly I can't carry a tune at all. (ask my husband....).

10. I have a secret desire to be a wedding and event planner. I loved planning my wedding and think it would be so fun to plan events for others. One day....

July 6, 2010

Best Weekend Ever...

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I took a 4 day blogging break and it was wonderful! But now I'm back and have to catch you all up on my weekend. I also received a few blogging awards from some of you...I promise I didn't forget and will have those posts up soon!

As you know, my good friend from college, Katie came to visit me from Washington! We had a blast during our short time together. It was so great to finally get to catch up on life with her. We went to see Eclipse....and it was amazing! Defiantly the best Twilight movie yet!

July '10_7274
Me with my ticket and the movie poster. I think I totally embarrassed Katie with my picture snapping!

July '10_7273
Katie with her ticket outside of the IMAX theater. IMAX was great but it took us a while to adjust to the huge screen. Katie, I know you read this blog...I miss you already!

July '10_7252
After Katie left the husband and I went to Detroit to visit our good friends Mo and Ali and go to a Tigers game! The game was pretty boring at first but it picked up. We lucked out and the weather wasn't too hot to handle. And believe me, I get cranky when I'm over heated...just ask the husband.

July '10_7253
Game time!

July '10_7261
Me and Ali. Ali has a great selection of Tigers gear...they have season tickets so she needs something cute to wear to all of those games!

July '10_7258
The husband and Mo...being goofy.

July '10_7255
I heart him.

July '10_7254
Mo and Ali, I heart them too.

July '10_7269
All four of us after the game. The Tigers won!

July '10_7271

After the game they had a fireworks show...so fun! We spent the rest of the weekend with Mo and Ali and they took great care of us. It was like we were on vacation...we actually slept in one day until 10:00! I can't remember the last time that happened. The next day Ali and I went to see Sex & the City 2 (cute, but not as good as the first) and did some major shopping while the boys played a zillion rounds of golf. Then we all went out to dinner and watched some more fireworks. Of course I forgot to take pictures!

Thanks for a great weekend Mo and Ali! And thanks to my sister-in-law, Erin, for watching our boys while we were gone!
July '10_7271

July 1, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it: Visits with Friends

Welcome to love it keep it! I've been looking forward to this week for so long...my good friend Katie is out here visiting me from Washington! Katie and I became close friends the summer before out senior year of college....and I have to say that was definitely the best summer ever! We had so much fun. I haven't seen Katie since our wedding in October 2008, so it is so wonderful to have her out here!

We plan to see Eclipse today and then do some major shopping....so excited!
Me with my girls....Katie is the one on the far right of the picture.

What are you loving and keeping this week?
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