June 28, 2010

My Pepper

My childhood cat, Pepper, had to be put to sleep over the weekend. He was 16 years old and lived a good life. He was the sweetest cat we've ever had and had such a cute personality. My mom has been taking such good care of him in California, but it was his time to go.

We'll miss you Beefy boy.

June 24, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it. . .Summertime Essentials

Welcome to Love it Keep it! It's officially summer, so that means it's time for a love it keep it list of my current summertime must haves. Let's get started!

My number one most essential summertime item is sunscreen. I'm really fair-skinned so I basically wear sunscreen all year round, but I up my SPF level for the summer. Let's all wear sunscreen, okay? Just say no to skin cancer. My favorite is Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock. It is really lightweight and doesn't leave me feeling greasy at all.

Anybody who knows me knows I am obsessed with chap stick and lip gloss. I have to have something on my lips at all times or I can't think. My favorite lip balm is Softlips in raspberry. It glides on smooth and has SPF 20! It is even perfect under lipstick.

A lot of bloggers have been chatting about this next product: Tresemme's Freshstart dry shampoo. I picked it up about a month ago and I'm in love. I have dry hair so I wash my hair every other day. In the summer my hair can get a little messy and this stuff works wonders to cut down on the grease! I've even gone two nights without washing thanks to this stuff....and my hair still smells fresh and clean!

And what would summer be with out a good juicy book to read? I always am reading and can't wait to start the new Sookie Stackhouse series Dead in the Family. Thanks to the bff Erin, I've had this book for a few weeks but haven't had a chance to read it. It is next on my list for sure!

And finally I need a fun summer TV show to watch while all of my favorites are on break. Enter Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. There have only been a few episodes but I am hooked! So much drama! So many secrets... 

So, what summer essentials are you loving and keeping this week?

June 22, 2010

I survived my first tornado! Sort of...

Oh. My. Word. Last night was scary. At about 1:00 a.m. we were suddenly woken up by a loud tornado warning alarm. I said to the husband "is that the tornado alarm???? We need to get in the basement!". So we grabbed Henry, Pancake, Wrigley, and two flashlights and ran downstairs. Y'all, I was terrified. I've never ever heard those tornado alarms go off (other than just a drill). It was such a shock because we had no idea it was coming...it wasn't even raining outside.

We sat in the basement for a few minutes and then the alarm stopped. Relieved, we decided to be brave and go upstairs so that Wrigley could take care of his business. Then of course we turned on the news only to see angry red warning signs all over the weather map for our area. The weathermen told us to get back in the basement asap and stay away from any windows. And then the alarm went off again. And it started to pour down rain. And thunder and lightning. So we high tailed it back down to our shelter.

Growing up in California means that I've lived through several earthquakes. And let me tell you, tornados are much more terrifying. At least with earthquakes you shake for 20 seconds and then it's over. I've even slept through one. With an earthquake you don't have to sit for an hour in terror wondering when the tornado will strike. I could never live somewhere like Oklahoma where this happens all the time!

Needless to say, a tornado didn't touch down by us, and we were back in bed an hour later.

Between prayers for safety I realized that we were so not prepared for a tornado. We didn't have water, or extra flashlights, a first aid kit, or a radio. By chance we did have some food in the basement (a healthy selection of chips, pudding, and V8 juice). So of course I now have a list of stuff to buy should this ever happen again.

And that picture of the angry mass of clouds above was taken by our local news station Wood TV8.

Has anyone ever been in a tornado? What was it like?

June 21, 2010

A Dilemma....

Remember when I posted about the hanging baskets I made for our front porch? Well, it seems that a certain feathered friend loved my work so much that she decided to make one of them her home.

June '10_7131
Look closely, do you see her?
June '10_7133
I totally spooked her with my camera (by accident!). Oops. But look! A nest! And two eggs!

So now my flowers will probably die. Now, don't get me wrong, I am honored that Mrs. Bird chose my flowers as the perfect spot to raise her babies, but her choice in residence really hampers my desire for pretty (and alive) plants.

I have been somewhat successful with watering the edges of the basket while trying not to spook her again. And now, believe it or not, I think she knows I mean no harm. I just want my flowers to live! So for now she lets me water them, as long as I don't get too close to her little nest.

Anyone else excited for baby birdies? I know I am!

June 17, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it

Welcome to "Love It Keep It" where I talking about something I'm currently loving and keeping! Right now I'm obsessed with Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure nail polish. I am really rough on my nails. Between doing the dishes, chasing after two cats and a dog, and cleaning the house, my nail polish usually only lasts a few days. However, this new polish is amazing! It has been 6 days and it still looks good!
Love it!

I picked up a bottle in "Plum Luck" at Target for under $5.00 (that is the price in Michigan...not sure how much it is in other states). Usually I am more of a pale pink or red polish girl, so purple nails is definitely out of the box for me, but I really love it! I will be going back for some more colors for sure.

What is your favorite color of nail polish? What are you loving and keeping this week????

***These thoughts were completely my own and I was not paid by Sally Hansen to endorse their product. I just love it that much!

June 15, 2010

Erin's Bachelorette Party

Finally I have time to blog about Erin's awesome bachelorette party! I am so excited for this girl to get married in September. So, to celebrate, I organized a bachelorette party in Palm Springs, California. We rented a house with a pool and had so much fun! Here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend:
Palm Springs'10_7036
Fellow Bridesmaids Heather, Jeannine, and Channing with the bride to be hanging out in the pool.

Palm Springs'10_7035
The bride in a pirate ship! It was the most awesome pool floatie ever.
Palm Springs'10_7029
Here are the fun cups I made for each girl to fit in with our "nautical" theme. In college Erin, Heather, and I made personalized cups for everything, so it seemed fitting to make them again!
Me enjoying a Mimosa. And yes, I got in the pool too, but don't have any pictures!

Palm Springs'10_7042
I also made each girl a mason jar filled with some yummy treats. I was so happy with how they turned out! (Thanks for your help, mom!)

Palm Springs'10_7040
All the goodies! Erin's future sister-in-law, Suzanne, brought all of the amazing food. I also made the tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling a la Martha Stewart.

Palm Springs'10_7044
We also had a little lingerie shower for Erin. She got a lot of cute stuff....probably won't show it all on the blog though!

Me and Heather getting ready for the shower.
Palm Springs'10_7052
Erin's future mother-in-law sent over this cute navy blue ruffle dress and a fun robe. Erin is marrying into such a wonderful family!

Palm Springs'10_7072
Okay I can't resist posting one item from the shower...they say "Just Married"....so cute!

After the shower we all got dressed and went out to dinner. We had yummy Mexican food and margaritas...can't go wrong with that!

Palm Springs'10_7088
And of course we had to embarrass Erin just a little. My mom helped me make her a Bachelorette sash and I think it is adorable! She also had a crown and veil courtesy of her sister, Nicole, and a big fake diamond ring that lit up courtesy of me!

Thanks girls for such a fun weekend! Can't wait for your wedding, Erin!

June 14, 2010

New Look...

So what do you think of my new blog header photo? When I was in California Erin took some awesome photos of me for the blog...in red shoes of course! It is so fun to have a friend who is a photographer! Check out her blog for more awesome photos. Thanks Erin!

June 10, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it: Best Friends

Welcome to "Love it Keep it" where I pick something to share that I'm currently loving and keeping in my life. As some of you  may know I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Palm Springs, California. We were celebrating Erin's last few days as a single girl before she gets married in September. It was so great to be surrounded by such wonderful friends!

So this week I'm showing so love for my best girls, Erin and Heather.

Palm Springs'10_7096
What are you lovin' this week?

June 8, 2010


I know I've been a little MIA lately.....because I've been on vacation! Pictures coming soon, but if you want a quick sneak peak of my awesome photo shoot then pop on over to my friend Erin's blog HERE.

In the meantime I keep forgetting to post about our new purchase. A few weeks ago we finally got a new grill for our deck. And I am in love. I love it when the husband grills up something yummy for dinner. It just feels so much like summer.
Memorial Day '10_7015
The husband recently grilled up some yummy veggies: portobello mushrooms and also tomato, peach, and red pepper kabobs! It was delicious!

Memorial Day '10_7011
Does anyone have any good grilling recipes? If so, please share!

June 3, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it

Welcome to Love it Keep it where I pick something to share that I'm lovin' on today. Right now I'm loving my cat Pancake. He can be a monster but this little guy brings me a lot of joy. I love waking up in the morning and finding him snuggled up close to me. 
Memorial Day '10_7019
I mean, who wouldn't love that face?

Memorial Day '10_7020
He is always sitting at the deck sliding door begging to go outside.
Memorial Day '10_7023
Sometimes he gets a little demanding.

What are you loving this week?

June 2, 2010

I really hope we don't kill them....

Over the weekend the husband and I spent some time planting new plants and flowers in our front yard. The guy who built our back deck gave us a heads up that a nursery that normally only sells to professional landscapers would be having a sale over Memorial Day weekend where anyone could buy stuff. So we made the 45 minute drive to get some gorgeous plants. And we got lost. But then we found it.

It was so hot I nearly died...but it was worth it because we scored some good deals. We also went to a local nursery and got some pretty flowers for the front porch. My requirements for flower purchases are as follows: 1. Look pretty 2. Be really hard to kill

Memorial Day '10_7005
Welcome to our home!

Memorial Day '10_7006

I found these three lanterns at Home Goods a couple of months ago. They were gray so I panted them black and stuck big chunky candles in them. So cute!

Memorial Day '10_7007
Pretty red flowers. The husband isn't a fan of the iron bunny, but I like him. When my mom first bought him for us the husband didn't even notice him for a few days. So in my book, that means I can keep him!

Memorial Day '10_7009
The husband planted the five smaller bushes you see in this photo (well, the one in the center is red, so it doesn't show up so well...but it's there). We really need something that will grow really big (the back two) and be easy to care for. Then I put together the hanging baskets.....nursery's charge like $15 for a hanging basket...no thanks, I'll make one myself for less!

And do you see someone looking through the window on the left?

Memorial Day '10_7010
Here, I'll zoom in for you. Wrigley was really concerned that we may be having fun outside without him.

June 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Wrigley!

Over the weekend we celebrated Wrigley's 1st birthday. I can't believe my little puppy is already one!

Memorial Day '10_6997
Of course I had to put a birthday hat on him! Such a big boy!

I can't believe how much he has grown......

Puppy July09_3720
I remember the day we picked him out...he was so little!
Wrigley 1st day_3888
This is the day we brought him home. I miss that cute little face!
Wrigley 1st day_3871

Wrigley 7 Weeks_3907
He's been a handful from the start. But we love him.

Wrigley 9 Weeks_4045
Wrigley 11 Weeks_4158
Typical Wrigley pose....13 weeks old.
Wrigley 12 Weeks_4275
Wrigley at 15 Weeks.

Memorial Day '10_7004
Wrigley enjoying his birthday present....a stuffed goose! (He also got a new bone and a trip to the dog park). Happy Birthday buddy, we love you!
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