March 31, 2010

Ali's Bachelorette Party

After the husband's bike race on Saturday we rushed home so that I could get ready for Ali's bachelorette party! Ali, as I've mentioned before, is marrying the husband's good friend Mo in May. (Mo is a nickname, not his actual name! He actually has the same first name as the husband...just spelled differently.)

Ali's bridesmaids made sure she was dressed for the evening. I won't even show you what was on the back of her veil.

We started with drinks, appetizers, and of course, some gifts! This gift was so cute!

And there is my gift to Ali! I like to make stuff (can you tell?).

It is a tank top in the wedding colors that says "mrs. mo" on the back of it. I made something similar for my bridesmaids (with their name) and me for my wedding. Mine said "mrs. r to be" on the back. But I thought Mo would get a kick out of a "mrs. mo" shirt! Plus, "Mo" is short for Ali's soon to be married name.

After gifts we went out for dinner and drinks downtown. This was my drink....a martini with a ton of raspberries dumped on top! It was really good. Raspberries are my favorite fruit...I could eat them all day every day. Yum.

Our friend Karri started of the night right by buying Ali a shot.

After dinner we went to a bar of course. This is a horrible picture of me, but I am not really a drinker, so Karri thought this was hilarious and had to snap a photo. Over the course of 8 hours I had about 4 drinks....and that was plenty for me!

We had a nice little corner spot at the bar....complete with couches. Ali always got attacked whenever she wanted to rest her feet! We had a great time celebrating Ali and the big step she is about to take! And don't worry Mo, your girl was good all night!

March 29, 2010

Bike Race

Wow, the weekend went by so fast. On Saturday the husband competed in his first ever bicycle race! The course was 23 miles (farther than he has ever ridden before)! We are new to the bike scene, so it took us awhile to figure everything out. Some of the riders were professionals....and and let's just say they really get into this kind of was a little weird to see everyone being so serious....but we still managed to have fun!

Here he is in his new bike gear that we bought the night before.

When I went to pin his race number to his leg, I realized that he got number 666! Yikes. How horrible is that! We pretended it was 999 instead.

Ready to race!

There were a ton of people there...I think they said like 500 riders.

Waiting to start.

And they're off! The "elite" professional guys were in the front, followed by the "expert" riders and then the "beginning" riders. It was so so so cold that day, so I waited for the husband to finish in the car. Luckily I got to chat on the phone with my mother-in-law and my mom....they helped me pass the time!

Once I started to hear cheering and cow bells (yes, cow bells!) I came out to watch the guys finish. The husband is the one in all black. He did great! I was so proud of him for finishing the race and really pushing himself. 23 miles is such a long way! He said there were a ton of hills too...there is NO way I could have done it!

We had a great time and are looking forward to the next race, which is 35 miles!

March 25, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it . . . Beauty Products

Welcome to "Love it...Keep it" where I chatter on about things I'm currently lovin' on. If you want to do a "Love it...Keep it" post of your own, make sure you link to me and then leave a comment on this post so I can link to you! This week I'm lovin' on some beauty products. First up is Dove's Deep Moisture body wash. I have been a loyal Dove user for over 14 years now! Their products are amazing and gentle. I am allergic to a lot of different body washes, but have never had any problem with a Dove product. The Deep Moisture is especially great for helping your skin stay hydrated during the winter. It makes my skin so soft! The husband loves it! (my skin, not the body wash, just to be clear).

Up next is the Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil. I use it in "Stash" which is a dark green/gold color. I never would have picked it out myself, but it looks great on. I had a make-up artist from Urban Decay do my make-up and she picked it out...and I love it. It goes on really smooth and makes your eyes sparkle. The pencil lasts a long time too (like at least 6 months), which is great if you are on a budget like me! One word of advice: make sure you buy Urban Decay's sharpener too.

Now, I'm going to talk about my hair. I get a lot of questions about how I keep my hair curly (like in the picture below of me and my childhood friend Rebecca).

Well, first, genetics. My mom has awesome hair genes that she passed down to me (thanks Mom!). My hair is wavy, so I can do straight or I can do a curl. But, in order to keep my curls looking good I use Aussie's Hi-Hold Hi-Shine Hair Spray. I love this stuff. It holds without leaving your hair too crunchy. But I'm okay with a little crunch here and there. I spray each section of my hair first, then curl it with a curling iron. Really, my whole hair process could be a post in itself. If you want more details, let me know and I'll post it!

And last is my new favorite thing. The Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush. My mom got it for me for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and I'm obsessed. It makes your teeth feel so clean! The husband totally made fun of me for using it...but guess what? He uses it now too and loves it!

Thanks for stopping by "Love it...Keep it"! What are you lovin' on this week?

March 24, 2010

Bedroom Window

We have this awkward sized window above the bed in our bedroom. It helps keep our room bright and sunny....which is great but not if you are trying to sleep past 7 a.m! So...what to do? I couldn't find anything to cover it up that was the right size, so I had to get a little creative....

Here it is before...

And here it is now. Somehow the curtain makes the room look really tall, which is good! And it helps center the bed in the room.

It is so nice not to have the sun in our eyes each morning! I am still looking for a cuter window treatment for the other two normal windows, but we are good for now.

And yes, that is Henry looking cute on my dresser.

March 22, 2010

New Deck!

When the husband and I moved in to our house we knew we would have to do some work to make it more our style. One of the items on our list was a new deck.

Here is what our deck looked like. Small, and no stairs! Such a pain, especially when you have a dog.

We decided this winter that when spring came around we would look in to adding stairs. We wanted to shop around and get a few quotes now, figuring the deck companies might have some good deals since not many people do construction during the winter.

We had a guy come out last Saturday and give us a quote....and we really liked him. (And we liked his price too). So we just went with it.

This was our deck the following Tuesday (last week). We decided to expand it out 8 feet and add new railing and stairs.

And here is our deck on Wednesday! Yep, it only took them 2 days! Score. We couldn't believe it!

It is amazing how much bigger it looks....and we only added 8 feet.

The stairs...yay!

I had them add a little gate to the stairs too.

I love the gate. It keeps certain orange kitties from escaping! I also had them decrease the spacing between each post so that the boys couldn't squeeze through and jump to the ground. The deck guy thought I was crazy...but it worked! Henry does jump up on the ledge, so I still need to keep an eye on him, but it is way easier than before. And Wrigley loves the new deck too. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out! We want to paint and or stain the deck, but we have to wait until the end of summer. I can't decided if we should stain it all one color or just stain the floor and paint the railing white. What do you think?

On the second (and final!) day of construction the deck guys managed to blow out our electrical outlets in the front and back yard. They went into the basement to somehow get them going again (sorry, can you tell I have no idea what I'm talking about here?)...and they couldn't. So they had to borrow power from our neighbor (which I still don't understand, because we still had power in our house...but whatever). So the next day I discovered that half of the electrical plugs in the kitchen were also not working. So the husband left a message with an electrician. Luckily, the husband also got on the phone with his friend Joel from work....Joel told him to push the restart buttons to get the plugs in the kitchen to work...and he was right! We totally forgot about that. After that worked Joel had Jon scout out where the restart button would be for the outlets outside....and he found it on a plug in the garage....and it worked! That totally saved us a costly visit from the electrician. So Joel is our new go-to fix-it guy...thanks Joel!

March 18, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it. . . Spring Edition

Welcome to "Love it...Keep it" where I chatter on about things I'm currently lovin' on. If you want to do a "Love it...Keep it" post of your own, make sure you link to me and then leave a comment on this post so I can link to you! This week I'm doing a Spring Edition....because there is nothing more exciting to a girl living in snow covered Michigan than the thought of Spring! This week our snow finally melted and I can see our grass! Yay! It's dead, but at least it's there.(But I think we will get a little sprinkle of snow this Sunday....let's hope it's just a dusting and not a dump of snow!)
Spring in Michigan is beautiful. You start seeing tulips popping up everywhere! We planted a ton of bulbs in our yard but haven't seen anything sprout yet. I think some deer may have eaten them. I love all creatures...especially ones that look like Bambi...but man, keep out of my yard please! I'll keep you posted if we get any blooms.
This is my current "love it" this week. The Stella Fossil watch. It's very Spring. I told the husband that a time change meant a new watch right? I actually really needed a watch because I'm allergic to any metal that is not gold or silver. And let's be real, that can be expensive! I picked mine up over the weekend and have gotten so many compliments on it! It sort of looks like the Channel watch that everyone is lusting over...but way more affordable. Usually I have a watch for about a year before it starts to eat away at my wrist...yuck. This watch is made of resin, so I don't think I'll have that problem. I'm Keepin' it!

Next up are my favorite Easter candy....Peeps. I love me a peep. I don't care what everyone says about them, they are yummy! I prefer yellow chicks followed by pink bunnies please. None of the green or purple peeps for me...yuck! I'm a traditionalist.

And finally, I have been lusting over this beautiful Ann Taylor necklace. I could wear this with so many outfits. You are totally welcomed to buy it for me, go ahead, I won't mind at all! I would love to add this to my "keep it" file.
Thanks for stopping by "Love it...Keep it"! What are you lovin' on this week?

March 17, 2010

Leave it to me to dress like my present...

Over the weekend I attended a bridal shower for my friend Ali, who is marrying Mo in May. Mo and the husband are good friends from college and were roommates their freshmen year. We heart them. We want them to move closer to us (hint hint!).

Karri, Ali, and me. Ali was so cute dressed in her wedding colors: apple green, black, and white!

Mo came to the shower he could help with all the fun gifts! I'm so bummed I forgot to snap a photo of the present I got them....but here is Mo holding it. And no, I didn't dress like my present on purpose (polka dots are just my thing). And Ali knew the gift was from me, just by looking at the wrapping...that is the second time someone has said that! I guess my love for the polka dot is widely known!

Ali opening more gifts. Love the paper to match the wedding! Oh, and are you wondering where the picture of the goodies I got them is? I can't show it. The first box was some, um, little lacy things for Ali (it was a shower, isn't that necessary? And I didn't know Mo was going to be there...) and the second box was something I made for the couple that turned out so cute that something similar is going to make an appearance at another bride-to-be's shower! And I made one for myself...I'm bummed I can't show you for a few more'll just have to be patient!

Mo's parents got them the vacuum that Mo has been wanting for a while! He said he would use it that night...and I totally believe him!

The happy couple. Can't wait for their wedding May 15th!

March 15, 2010

Mud Bath

No, I didn't get a mud bath this weekend. But Wrigley sure did.Have you all missed his face on this blog? On Saturday morning I took him to the dog park even though I knew it would be a muddy mess.

And it was. In fact all of Michigan right now is a muddy mess.

Everyone at the park felt the need to tell me how dirty Wrigley was I couldn't see that for myself.

So we went straight home to take a bath.

And man, that water was brown brown brown. You can't even see the wost of it from this picture...but yuck! Luckily my boy cleans up really nicely!

March 11, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it . . . Nerdy Girl Books Edition

Welcome to "Love it...Keep it" where I chat about things I'm lovin' and keepin' this week. If you want to do a "Love it...Keep it" post of your know, leave your information in the comments and I will link to you!

Since I am a nerdy teenage girl at heart (as the husband would say) I am not ashamed to admit that I love me a good vampire/romance book.

It all started with the Twilight series. Which, let's be real, were really not that good, yet somehow amazing at the same time! Oh Edward, how I love you. I read them back to back and remember trying to slow myself down because I didn't want them to end. And then of course I had to see the movies's a vicious cycle that the husband will never understand. My love for Twilight led me to look for other similar books....and let me share with you a few of my favorites (even though some are a bit embarrassing, I feel like my readers won't judge me!).

First up, the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Love them! This series is amazing! And, in my opinion, better than the Twilight series by far. I believe there are about ten out in print right now and I've read every single one. The next one is coming this spring and I'm so excited! The best part about these books is that there are so many that you really get in to it. I remember thinking the first book, Dead Until Dark, was a little hard to get through in the beginning, but after that it was amazing, so don't get discouraged! The HBO TV show True Blood is based on these books, and even though the show is different from the books (aren't they always?) it is one of my favorite to watch! And, if anyone wants to know, I'm totally torn between Eric and Bill....but Eric on TV is my favorite!

After the Sookie books I started reading the Blue Bloods books by Melissa De La Cruz. There are currently four books in this series and I think at least two more to come. Basically I think they are a cross between Twilight and Gossip Girl, which is another show I love (but haven't read the books). These books are good to fill that Twilight void in your life!

This next one is the most embarrassing....mostly because the books are so bad, yet I still want to read them! This series is called House of Night and the first book is Marked. There are six books so far in this series and the seventh book, Burned, comes out April 27th (yes, it is on my calendar! I told you I'm a nerd!). This series is about a girl who gets marked as special and enters a school where she will either become a vampire or die. Crazy huh? The books are written by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. Let's just say they try way to hard to use teenager speak....and it is really annoying. And the main character, Zoey always has boys fighting over her, which gets really old. But somehow, they sucked me in!

And finally, what nerdy girl books list would be complete without mentioning Harry Potter? Of course I read these wonderful J.K. Rowling books before any of the others mentioned above. And to say I love them would be an understatement. They are probably my favorite books ever. I've read them all twice and will probably read them again. It was fun to re-read the first few books after knowing what I know now after reading the seventh and final book. I'm keepin' Harry forever!

Are there any nerdy girl books I've missed? I would love to hear what some of your favorite (nerdy or not) books are! I'm currently reading Fallen by Lauren Kate, and so far it's just okay. Thanks for stopping by and for not making fun of my nerdy reading habits!
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