February 25, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it Olympians

Well, I had a great time in San Francisco and now I'm on my way back home to Michigan...where I think we have a few more feet of snow since I left! I haven't had much time to watch the Olympics (so sad!) because I've been so busy...and also because they are on so late at night! What's up with that NBC?

Anyway, there have been a few Olympians that have really impressed me and even brought tears to my eyes, so welcome to Love it Keep it Olympians! First up, Joannie Rochette, a figure skater from Canada.

Joannie's mom died right after arriving in Vancouver for the Olympics. Two days later Joannie skated her short program and placed 3rd. She still has to compete tonight. I can't even imagine suffering such a tragedy right before the Olympics. And she still skated...for her mom. So sad and moving. Throughout her entire program, the audience clapped and cheered for her, which was so sweet. Love Joannie!

And of course we need to talk about Apolo Ohno...he is such a good sport. He smiles regardless if he wins gold or bronze. He has such great Olympic spirit! And now he's the most decorated winter Olympian....go Apolo!

And of course I'm lovin' team USA's Men's Nordic Combined Relay Team! They took home silver and it was the first time the US has ever placed in the event! They were so fun to watch!

And who doesn't love Lindsay Vonn? She is so cute. And such a great athlete! She brought home the first gold for USA in this Olympics. Keep her!

And last, but not least, John Shuster, the Skip for the Men's Curling Team. He was taken off the team because of his "poor" performance...and yet he still had a great attitude. He wanted to do what was best for the team. Luckily, he was put back on, and even though the US is not going to take home any medal, he is still out there showing great spirit.

Love all the Olympians! I am so sad to see the Olympics come to an end.

What are you lovn' and keepin' this week?

February 22, 2010

Greetings from San Francisco

I'm in San Francisco shopping away with my mom! Love this city!

February 18, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it California Edition

Welcome to Love it Keep it, where I chat about things I'm lovin' and keepin'...this week is the California edition, because, well, I'm in California! My job has sent me out here for a conference and to do some work...which is wonderful because I'm from CA and love the chance to catch up with family and friends. I'm in Southern CA for a few days and then I'm heading to San Francisco for more work stuff....and shopping with my mom! Anyway, let's start love it keep it.

First up, Lucille's original BBQ sauce. So amazing! This is the best BBQ sauce around and I have loved it for years. The only problem is that I can't get it in Michigan. So I've decided that anyone who comes to visit me from California must bring at least one bottle of sauce. Seems fair, right?

And what would love it keep it be without a mention of In-N-Out? This is the best burger place ever. They have locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona. I introduced In-N-Out to the husband during a California trip a few years ago and he is now obsessed. He wants me to bring him home a burger and fries every time I go to California. Love it!

Up next is Shoreline Village....a spot in Long Beach that I have been going to since I was a little girl. They have a carousel that I always had to ride. The whole pace is so cute and charming....and right on the water. Love it!

Aw, Nordstrom. Now, we have a Nordstrom in Michigan but it is about 2 hours away so I never get there. It is always a nice shopping experience when you go to Nordstrom...I miss it. And they have a great sale twice a year. Love it, keep it!

And finally, this is my cat Pepper. He is 16 years old and still a sweetheart. He can't hear anymore but loves to sit in your lap and purr. Love him, keep him!

Thanks for stopping by. What are you lovin' and keepin' this week?

February 15, 2010

Sara's Shower

On Saturday I had the chance to attend my friend Sara's baby shower. Sara is expecting baby boy Ryan in April and I am so excited for her! Our husbands are buddies from college and I'm so grateful for our friendship!

Here's Sarah opening up some adorable baby changing pad sheets. So cute.

And now my gift!

Sarah said she could tell it was from me as soon as she saw the wrapping. I guess I'm predictable! Since the husband is a baseball player, naturally I went with a baseball theme.

Tiny t-shirt that says "little slugger" with matching plaid shorts.

And how cute is that onesie? I couldn't resist buying it when I saw the baseball on the butt!

Baby Ryan also got some cute jammies with monkeys on the feet! So cute! All the cute stuff almost makes me want a baby....almost, but not quite yet!

Sara's niece, Summer, was a good helper.

Sara and her cake!

Me with Sara, and Karri. Thanks for a fun afternoon! We can't wait to meet baby Ryan!

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! The husband and I don't really exchange gifts for Valentine's day, but we did manage to show some love for each other anyway!

This morning I made heart shaped blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes. Yum!

And the husband surprised me with two bags of my favorite heart shaped candy...he knows me so well!

I hope your day is filled with sweetness and love!

February 11, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it Olympic Edition

Welcome to Love it Keep it, where I chat about things I'm lovin' and keepin' this week. And since the Olympics start tomorrow, I thought I would do love it keep it Olympic edition! I love me some Olympics. I love the team spirit and background stories on all the athletes. I love the Olympic gear. I love the opening ceremonies. I love the action. I love seeing the athletes get emotional during the medal ceremony. I look forward to even numbered years just so I can get my Olympics fix!

So, first up for love it keep it....the must have item this year, the Vancouver 2010 Red Mittens. So of course, I love them and want them! All proceeds are going to support Canadian athletes, which, even though I am not Canadian, I like. I'm all about supporting our Canadian friends. Apparently, these cute mittens are selling like crazy, and are hard to come by. I tried to order some online...but the shipping cost was more than the mittens. I did spot some on eBay, but the price was a little higher than I would like. I still want them...so this one is a love it want it!

Now, for my favorite winter Olympic sport....curling. Yes, I also love figure skating, the luge, the bobsleigh, and speed skating, but curling is my favorite. In 2006 I think I watched every match! The husband and I had just started dating and getting serious...and I got him hooked on curling too! We are so excited to watch it again this year! Love it!

And who doesn't love the Olympic mascots? Meet Sumi, an animal spirit who lives in the mountains of British Columbia, Quatchi, a sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of Canada and who's very fond of hockey, and Miga, a young sea bear who lives in the ocean. I mean, how cute are they? Go to Vancouver 2010 Meet the Mascots to read their stores...seriously, they are adorable...I have a crush on Quatchi.

My next Olympic love it keep it is Matt Lauer and Al Roker from The Today Show. They always learn an Olympic sport and then perform for the viewers. During the summer games they did rhythmic gymnastics, as pictured above. The winter before that was the luge...hysterical! I love this segment! I can't wait to see what they are going to do this year!

And last but not least is the Team USA red scarf. Love it! I love all the Olympic wear....the husband and I will be sporting team USA shirts I picked up from Target during Christmas. So excited!

What are you lovin' and keepin' this week?

February 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up....on a Tuesday

Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my new blog header. I think it turned out cute! And since we are supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow today, it seems appropriate.

I had Monday off of work which meant that I was too busy enjoying my freedom to sit down and write about the weekend. So here it is....weekend wrap-up on a Tuesday.
On Friday I had an unexpected half day of work...score! I didn't do much other than take Wrigley to the dog park and then go to the gym. I went to bed really early because on Saturday morning I had to proctor a standardized test at my work. No fun at all! It was seriously the most boring thing ever. Then Saturday afternoon my in laws came in to town. We all had pancakes for dinner and then went to see Avatar, finally. It was a good movie but so long! I wish we would have rented it...that way we could have had an intermission! My neck and back were so sore from sitting that long and I had a major headache from the 3D glasses. Then on Sunday we went to church and then the husband and I lounged around and then watched the Superbowl. Well, he watched the Superbowl, and I did laundry and watched a few of the commercials...exciting, I know.
I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend! If you don't hear from me, send help...I may be buried in a foot of snow.

February 8, 2010

Winter Shoes

Since it is still winter out here in Michigan, it makes sense to have a winter red shoes header doesn't it? What do you think of the new picture? Big thanks to my husband and my sister in law for snapping some photos of my cute red rain boots...and also thanks to Wrigley for being adorable as always. Here are a few outtakes that were just too cute not to post.

Wrigley with snow on his nose...he's a snow dog.

And yes, we were bribing him with treats....

February 5, 2010

Celebrity Look Alikes....

All week people on facebook have been posting their celebrity look alikes....which got me thinking about who people tell me I look like. I didn't post a picture on facebook, but thought it would be interesting blog chatter, so here we go!

I get told I look like Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic) all the time. Which is fine by me because I think she is adorable!

Another one I've gotten a few times is Amy Adams (Enchanted, Julie & Julia). Now, this one I don't really see other than we have similar hair...but she's gorgeous so I'll take it!

Someone at work said I looked like Ashlee Simpson...I really don't see this one but again, I think it is only because of the hair.

And I used to get Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls)...back when she had red hair and was not a psycho.

Here is me with the husband....what do you think?

And just for kicks, I'll add that the husband gets told he looks like Brendan Fraser all the time. I totally see this one!

Who is your celebrity look alike?

February 4, 2010

Love it . . . Keep it

Welcome to another round of love it keep it...where I chat about things I'm currently lovin' and keepin'.

First up is my absolute favorite beauty product: Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Seriously, this stuff is amazing! You put it on your eyelids before any eyeshadow...and it keeps those nasty crease lines away! I always had an eyeshadow crease...and just had to touch up my makeup throughout the day...but not anymore! This stuff keeps your eyeshadow put all day. I buy the x-large version because it is a better deal and it lasts forever. Love it!

Up next is one of my favorite treats since I was a little girl....Babybel cheese! It comes in a little red wax package so it is not only cute, but also yummy! I don't even what to know how many calories are in these bad boys. They are so good! The husband and I recently got hooked on them again because they sell them in bulk at Costco....yum.

And now for a new TV show that I'm lovin' on....Modern Family on ABC. The husband and I watch this one together (which is very rare because we never like the same shows, except the The Office) and we both love it! We are constantly quoting this show and driving people nuts because they have no idea what we are talking about. It is on Wednesday nights and is a must see!

And finally, the husband and I are really lovin' on this chicken enchilada recipe over at Musings of a Housewife. Check it out here. Seriously, so good! And I love that it is made from mostly wholesome ingredients. I thought the enchiladas would be a little dry, but they turned out perfect. This is my new go-to meal when I have nothing else planned. It's a keeper!

What are you lovin' and keepin' this week?

February 2, 2010

Kitchen Window Makeover

The window above the sink in our kitchen has been bare for almost a year. I just couldn't find anything I liked. Enter my very talented mom. She found a cute black and white check fabric and whipped up a curtain for me! Unfortunately I didn't inherit the sewing gene, so I have to rely on her to make stuff for me.

Here it is before....

And here is what it looks like now! So cute! The simple curtain really completes the space don't you think? She made one for the laundry room too, so when I have that room looking decent, I'll post a picture! Thank you mom! Maybe I need to give sewing lessons a second chance? Actually, it might be more like a fourth or fifth chance...

Oh, and Happy Groundhogs Day everyone! I guess Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so we have like 100 more months of winter now....at least it seems that way in Michigan.

February 1, 2010

Why are weekends so short?

Where did the weekend go? It seems like every Monday it is so hard to get up and get going....and it seems like my weekend disappeared! On Friday I had a half day of work and then spent the afternoon taking Wrigley to the vet and then to the dog park. And then on Saturday I had to work....yuck. Then Saturday night we went to a hockey game with our friends Brett and Karri. I only managed to take pictures of the game....sorry.

We had a great time, despite the annoying kids behind us who would not stop yelling "punch him in the face!". I love going to the local team's games.....they do so much during the....intermissions? What are they called? I have no idea! Someone help me out. Anyway, the time between the periods is what I mean. They have mascots skating around tossing t-shirts and hot dogs. Yes, I said hot dogs. They have a gun shaped like a giant hot dog that they used to shoot them in to the crowd. And one dog sort of exploded in the air...yuck. Luckily, we escaped without being pelted with hot dogs.
They also had the local baseball team's mascot out there....his name is "Crash" and he is a "River Rascal" whatever that is. Anyway, he is cute. He came out for the human sling shot...which you couldn't pay me to do.

After the game we went out for drinks and met up with our friends Mo and Ali, who were in town for the weekend doing some wedding planning. Overall, it was a good night. And then on Sunday the husband and I watched movies, did laundry, took Wrigley and his buddy Rye to the dog park, and went to Costco....exciting I know. How was your weekend?
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