The Family Room....sort of

December 21, 2010

We've finally made some progress on our family room. New sectional couch, new chair, and new coffee table. We still need to do a few more things, but I thought I'd share what we've done so far!

 Here is the the before. We basically only used this room to watch movies.

The old ugly couch I bought for my first apartment. And the window treatment that came with the house that I have hated since day one. This couch is now living in our basement.

 And here's what it looks like now. It's so much more cozy and inviting.

 I'm waiting for my mom to come out here for Christmas so that she can help me make some curtains to match the room. But for now this shade is an improvement over the ugly old thing that was there before. 
 The TV makes it hard to decorate the mantel, but I did my best. The fake trees are from Michael's (50% off last week) and the mercury glass trees are from Target (after Christmas sale).

 While going through our Christmas stuff I discovered that Wrigley had chewed up our stockings from last year, so I picked up these from Joann's Fabric for 70% off. I love a good deal. 

My Noel letters on display along with our manger candle. The old crates and watering can are vintage and were gifts from my in-laws. 

***Edited to add: For those of you who've asked, I downloaded the Keep Calm and Merry On print for free from Craftily Ever After. There are two other prints too! Just an FYI: I uploaded it (8x10) to Kodak Gallery and had it sent to Target to print so I didn't have to pay shipping/wait for it to arrive. For some reason Target couldn't get it to print correctly. It has several black smudges on it (you can't really tell from my photo though) so I got it for free. I'm going to try having Kodak print it and mail it to me so that I have a better copy for next year.

 Wrigley likes the new room too!

 The new chair. I plan to hang a shelf above and slightly to the right of the chair. The frames for the shelf are sitting to the right just waiting to go on display. Oh, by the way, the blanket on the chair is from Pottery Barn and is quite possibly the best blanket ever. I'm obsessed. Click here to check it out. It's so warm and comfy.

Here are the photos courtesy of Erin Vancura Photography. Love them! I think I might paint the frame with Wrigley in it black.

 View from inside the room. I plan to put a sofa table behind the couch so that the lamp has a home. (Oh, and you can see my foil still on the left side of the couch? Classy.)

 Pillows from Pottery Barn. 

Wrinkly pillow also from Pottery Barn. Oops. 

Pancake approved coffee table from Ballard Designs. I want to put a basket on the lower shelf to hold all of our remotes and stuff.

Once I finish the room I'll post it again, but for now any ideas about where I can get a cute and inexpensive sofa table?

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14 Responses to “The Family Room....sort of”

  1. You family room looks awesome! I love all of your little touches and details you put into decorating, I just don't have the eye for that. Your pictures are adorable and I LOVE your noel letters and the keep calm and merry on sign, how cute!

  2. It looks great! Love the new couch and chair. And how cute is your kitty on the coffee table?

  3. It looks great, very warm and inviting! I LOVE the "Keep Calm and Merry On" sign! Did you get it from an etsy seller?

  4. ah! so so so so cute!!! i LOVE this room! and the pillows FINALLY came!!

  5. Very nice! Everything looks great! I love your fireplace!!

  6. SO CUTE Julie!! Great job!! The room looks so warm now!

  7. It looks wonderful! I love all of the little touches of cozy-ness, like the pillows, blankets and pictures. Can't wait to see it complete, as it looks amazing!

  8. What did you decide to do with all the scratchy issues with Pancake?

  9. I love everything! My favorites are the pillows and new furniture. If you have a world market, they have great accent tables and coupons a lot. I think you can order online, too.

  10. We bought a great table for our entry way from World Market. They always have tons of coupons too. Try there!

  11. I love it! The new sectional fills the room so nicely, and the blinds make a huge differenee! Can't wait to see what it looks like with new window treatments!

  12. The room looks great...can't wait to see it in person!

  13. Can I move in?
    Or, can you move into our house and make it look like that?

    You should make a career out of being rediculously talented. I mean, ....interior design :)

  14. Julie, it looks fantastic! Your hard work really paid off. Can I ask where the cute leather chair is from? We have been trying to pull the trigger on a new chair for the living room for about a year now and can't make up our minds on leather vs. some sort of fabric. Love all the nice Christmas touches!


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