Baby it's cold outside....

December 13, 2010

Good morning! I hope it's warm where you are because here in Michigan it is FREEZING! The wind chill was zero this morning. Yikes! I've officially added an electric blanket to my Christmas wish list. To make matters worse, last night we didn't have any hot water. And no, I don't live out in the country, so I have no idea what happened. I am a night-time shower person....mostly because it takes me forever to do my hair, and I just don't have time for it in the mornings. And there was no way I was going to take a cold shower last was SO cold. Luckily the husband re-set the hot water heater and we had hot water this morning. (Thank you God!).

Of course I didn't have time to shower this I am a hot mess today. Hopefully my co-workers don't notice!

This weekend we pretty much stayed inside watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. It was perfect. We also finished our Christmas shopping....I am SO excited to be done and to get everything wrapped and under the tree!

And I realize the above photo has nothing to do with this post....but it's cute. So how was your weekend?

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10 Responses to “Baby it's cold outside....”

  1. Ah! Freezing!!! And it sounds like the perfect weekend!!

  2. It's cold here too. :(

    your weekend sounds amazing! Mine was crazy busy, but good, too. :)

  3. Wow - and I thought it was cold here! Stay warm!

    Isn't it the best feeling to be done Christmas shopping? I finished this weekend and I feel so relieved.

  4. I cannot shower at night...I wake up and my hair looks like I had a fight with the bed or how do you do it? not have messy hair?

  5. Try to stay warm. When the weather is that brutal, a hot shower can be a small piece of paradise. Glad you got to have yours!

  6. I love that picture! super cute. I have to shower at night too. WAY too much time in the morning and I'd rather sleep :)

  7. That picture is adorable! and you're lucky to be done with christmas shopping! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  8. It's freezing here too! UGH! Such an adorable picture!

  9. your last sentence to explain the picture just cracked me up. Glad your Christmas shopping is all done and that you have hot water again!!

  10. Zero??!! No thank you! I couldn't even move my fingers in the scorching 34 degrees we experienced this morning.


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