Post Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

November 29, 2010

I love long weekends...but why is it they seem to go by so fast? A five day work week does NOT sound fun right now. Anyway, I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! We went to the husband's parents house and feasted on turkey and tons of side dishes. For me, it's all about the sides so I was lovin' it!

I did not participate in Black Friday. Part of me wanted to but I just couldn't bring myself to face all the crowds. So instead we bought and decorated our Christmas tree! It is beautiful....I'll post pictures of it tomorrow. It also fell down three times! I think we bought a slightly larger/wider tree than we have in the past and our little tree stand just couldn't hold it up. We were SO frustrated. Having a fully decorated tree smash to the ground is no fun, let me tell you. Also after decorating the same tree three times the appeal starts to fade. We ended up buying a new tree stand and so far (knock on wood) we haven't had any problems.

On Saturday the husband took me to see Harry Potter! I LOVED it and can't wait for part 2 to come out next summer. I also think I need to re-read all the books in preparation! On Sunday we lounged around and the husband helped me make Jen's Sausage and Tortellini Soup. It was so yummy! (Thanks Jen!).

So how was your weekend? Did you decorate for Christmas? Are you one of those super organized people who have already finished all of their Christmas shopping?

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7 Responses to “Post Thanksgiving Wrap-Up”

  1. sounds like such a fun weekend for sure! i love that you already have your tree and its decorated and its not even december! yay holiday season!

  2. My house is officially decorated and I'm loving it...seriously considering leaving it up all year round :) And heck no, I've only bought one Christmas gift. Uh oh! Not good, guess I better get going on that. Happy Monday!

  3. My weekend was AMAZING. Friday, the boyfriend surprised me with a trip to New Orleans... so that's what we we did... :)

    I have ONE Christmas gift bought and 0 ideas. The black Friday deals did not look that appealing to me. At all.

    At least you didn't break ornaments when your tree fell three times?? Right?

  4. The SAME THING happened to us last year... except the tree fell and broke tons of ornaments one day when Kyle was out of town... NO FUN AT ALL. We ended up having to buy a new stand too and it worked great, hope yours stays up too!

  5. A few years ago we had tile floor in our living room town house in Florida and our tree fell over breaking all of our glass ornaments. Needless to say we now only buy shatterproof ornaments. Glad you liked the soup!

  6. sounds like you had a fun weekend! although, I do agree with you. it went by WAY too fast. Can't wait to see pictures of your Christmas tree!

  7. The fam went to see Harry Potter on Friday and I then caught up with a friend from work. Saturday I helped with hanging of the greens at our church. No decorations up at our house yet. Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving!!!


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