I've got nothing....

November 18, 2010

Today I was supposed to show you all our newly decorated guest room.....but it's not quite done yet. My plan is to work on it tonight and Monday so that I can post about it Tuesday. I would work on it over the weekend but I am leaving for a business trip tomorrow! Oh well.

If you recall, a while back I blogged about decorating our guest room in gray and yellow....and that's exactly what we did! Even though it isn't finished it looks awesome! I really need some cute pillows for the bed. So far the bedding is all white with one yellow and white pillow. I found some really cute options on Etsy. If you have never heard of Etsy you should check it out! It's awesome!

I am in love with this LOVE pillow. It would be perfect for the room.....but I think I can actually re-create one myself, so I'm not buying it.

What about this Gray Dot Ruffles pillow. I love polka dots. And I love ruffles. But is it too girly for a guest room?

 This Yellow Ruffles pillow is adorable too.

I really like this yellow zig zag pillow. I think it's less girly....but I can't decide. 

And I am dying over this California pillow! But at $52 it's a little out of my budget. Mom, can you make this for me?????

And there is a Michigan pillow too!

So which pillows do you like?

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15 Responses to “I've got nothing....”

  1. Not gonna lie... that Michigan pillow is a little weird. Kinda looks like it has a tumor. Sorry northern neighbors!

    I do love the yellow ruffle pillow though! So cute!

  2. I love all your pillows, but especially the top 4!! Ruffles are not too much for a guest bedroom!

    LOVE yellow and gray together... can't wait to see your room!

  3. Our guest bedroom is gray and yellow also and I love it.I NEED the gray dot ruffles pillow but heck, I love all the ones you have posted.

  4. Love the yellow ruffles pillow and the gray polka dot one too!!

    P.S. LOVE Etsy-when my friend told me about it a couple of years ago-I quickly became addicted!!

  5. Love a great find on etsy!! I agree with making the love pillow. I think I might just do the same. And I LOVE the California pillow...so fun!

  6. bev. . . make me a CA pillow too! is still have the pink doggie pillow from college. i LOOOOVE pillows. i vote you get them all smulie!!

  7. I LOVE the gray and yellow combination. Those pillows are too cute- I like the zigzag pattern one! Oh and I gave you a blog award today on my blog!

  8. Great color combination! I really love the first pillow! My favorite :D

  9. First off you knew I was going to comment on the Michigan pillow. I love it so very much! I'm going to put it on my Christmas list!

    Second..you watch yourself Classy Fab Sarah. ;)

  10. I like the Michigan pillow too.......the mitten part that is, the UP looks a bit odd! Anyway, Julie, we must make pillows!

  11. Love them all. State pillows and the love are a must. Also really enjoy the zig zag and polka dots. I think the polka pots are fine for a quest room. Can't wait to see the room!!!!

  12. oh i love pillows shaped like states! i've seen those and just swooned over them:) lovely blog! i'm a happy new follower:)

  13. your blog is so cute. and so are those pillows.

  14. I'm a new follower! :) Love your blog..and the red shoes. I wore red shoes for my wedding! I'm from Ohio so this is a big week for us... OSU vs. Michigan!!

  15. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later


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