Road trip to Ikea...

October 19, 2010

While my mom was here we had to make our usual journey to one of my favorite places...Ikea. What usually is a two hour drive somehow took us four hours....probably because we spent too much time chatting and not enough time navigating. We were almost to Indiana before I realized we had gone about an hour our of our way. Oh well...we had fun, right mom?

Me with our two carts. We picked up a new bed frame and bedding for my guest room (reveal coming soon!) and some canisters for my kitchen. Somehow we were there for over two hours....I heart Ikea.

What? The hot dog is "*not actual size"? We were totally planning on buying a ten foot long hot dog for 50 cents. Bummer.

After Ikea we made a stop at another favorite, Trader Joe's, to stock up on some yummy food. I didn't take any pictures but I did manage to get a few of us in some awesome Halloween hats at Cracker Barrel.
Mom with a spider headband. She said she would have bought it to wear to work on Halloween...except she isn't working that day. I would have paid to see that.

Me with a witches hat complete with a black veil. Awesome.

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8 Responses to “Road trip to Ikea...”

  1. i actually love the witch hat. . it has a VEIL! so so useful. and yay ikea, and the guest room. which i will be seeing oh, so shortly! yay fun weekend with mom!

  2. How fun!! You should come visit us in ATL, we have an Ikea real close by! Love that store! Sounds like you and your mom had a great time!

  3. I love ikea and trader joes! We have them nearby, but not so close so when we go we always stock up and its usually when my mom comes to town too!

  4. Such fun pics!!! That hot dog sign cracked me up!!! :)

  5. Ikea is so much can eat, shop, and see lots of interesting things!

    love your blog its adorable <3

    xoxo follow my blog!

  6. I love IKEA! Also my mom and I are the same way, we'll start talking and then realize how far off track we are!

  7. I have never ever been to an IKEA - I'm dying to! So jealous!

  8. I am doing research for my university thesis, thanks for your excellent points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    - Kris


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