Project time....

October 18, 2010

My mom is currently visiting me from California and we've been having the best time. Whenever she comes to visit we always try to do lots of projects around the house. This time we wanted to install a cat door on our basement door. The goal is to move the litter box down there once they get used to it. 
Getting set up. Pancake helped.

Wrigley helped too.
Seems like an easy project right? Well, it took over 2 hours. It was really hard to get both sides of the door to line up. 

 Finally, we finished. Pancake was curious but it took a long time for him to actually use the door.

Unfortunately once he went through he refused to go back the other way. Instead he just cried and scratched at the door. Hopefully he figures it out soon....otherwise I won't be too happy about having a huge hole in my door!

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5 Responses to “Project time....”

  1. It's so nice that your mom is able to visit so often! I think my mom came out ONCE when I was living away from her.

    LOVE your hardwood floors. LOVE them.

  2. too cute! I love this idea though, anything to get the terrible litter hidden right? I hope it works!

  3. i LOVE it! we actually have cat doors all over the house that i dont want reagan to use (silly cat lady who lived here before us!). i hope the boys start using it soon. yay for litter tucked away!!

  4. That's so funny that he won't go back through! Hope he figures it out.


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