Maui Part 2

October 11, 2010

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I'll share about my weekend later....because right now I need to finish my Maui post! After our zipline adventure we decided to be brave and try taking a surfing lesson. I was terrified but the husband was excited. We took a group lesson with two instructors and two other couples. They spent about 30 minutes on the sand going over the basic techniques and warning us about coral and tides and all the other bad stuff that can happen to you while surfing. Great.

I knew it would be hard but I didn't realize how tired your muscles get! The instructors carried the girls' boards down the beach for help save us some energy for paddling. I should have known right then that it was going to be tough! The husband and I were just crossing our fingers that we would be able to get up on our boards.

Luckily I was able to get up several times! The instructor stood in the water (It wasn't too deep) and held your board and then pushed you off when it was time to go. And they were right about the was no joke!
The husband got up too. About halfway through the lesson they sent out a photographer with a zoom lens to take pictures of us, which of course you know I loved!

During the last few minutes of the lesson I fell off my board and when I was coming up for air it smacked me in the face and gave me a bloody nose. Yuck. The husband and my instructor freaked out because I guess from a distance it looked really bad. Later the husband told me he thought I had busted some teeth! Luckily it was just a bloody nose and it wasn't broken. But I was out the rest of the lesson because it hurt and was hard to breathe! The instructors were impressed that I held myself together and didn't cry...ha! I also banged up my knee on some coral and the husband scraped his leg. But it was worth it!
After surfing we were so exhausted. You use so many muscles you didn't even know you had. Even my ribs and hip bones hurt from hitting the board. Our arms were the worst and were sore for a few days.

After a shower it was time for a much deserved drink and snack. My nose is still swollen in this pic..ha! It hurt for at least a week.
Later that night for dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you. It was yummy!

The next day we took it easy and hung out by the pool. Of course I stayed in the shade the entire time!

Love this picture of him!

After some pool time we had a couples massage! Just what we needed for our sore muscles.
For dinner we went to the Lahaina Pizza Company, which for all my California friends could have been the sister to BJ's Pizza. The pizza was amazing and we had a bbq chicken salad that was really good too. The food was so good that the husband didn't save room for dessert. I was mad!

The next day we got up early to go on a snorkeling trip. It s so fun! Here is our boat and crew...the Trilogy IV. Highly recommend.

They took us to a different part of the island. The views were so beautiful.
It was a little overcast once we reached our snorkeling spot. I think it even rained for a few minutes after this shot.
We're on a boat! That was for the husband...we forgot to sing the "I'm on a boat" song...darn!
All suited up in our snorkel gear and ready to go! We snorkeled for a while and then they fed us some lunch. We snorkeled for a little bit more and then they set the sails up and we sailed back to our section of the island. It was a really great trip and a must for anyone traveling to Maui

That night we headed out to dinner at our favorite place...Aloha Mixed Plate. And we finally got our picture taken by the pretty atrium in our hotel.
Showing off our pretty drinks. It was such a great trip and I'm so glad we went! Now...we must plan our next getaway...any ideas?

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12 Responses to “Maui Part 2”

  1. it looks like you had SO MUCH FUN! i love the surf lesson. . i'm DYING to have mike me, but alas the water is freezing. and yay snorkeling! and massages. . ooooh so fun! next trip, i vote cayman islands with mike & i. we want to be cool and start an offshore banking account :)

  2. I'm so impressed with your surf skills! When I was in Hawaii, I debated between that and parasailing... parasailing won out, and it's a good thing, too... because there's no way I wouldn't have cried if I were you!!!

    Looks like you had an AWESOME time.

    I have friends that just got back from Grand Turk off Turks and Caicos... said it was AMAZING. Their pictures were beautiful, too... so that would be my vote, if you're going for sand and sun. :)

  3. you are seriously WAY tougher than I am. I'm pretty sure I would have cried like a little girl if I had a bloody nose from my surf board! I love all your pictures, looks like such a great trip!

  4. Just beautiful!!! The island is gorgeous!! Looks like y'all had a great time! (Well, except the nose part...glad everything's ok!!)

  5. You look like a PRO up on that surf board! Nice job! Totally worth the bloody nose, right?

    Looks like an AMAZING trip - no idea how you can top that one!

  6. Wow you did so many cool things on your trip!! I am so impressed with your surfing skills!! And I've always wanted to go snorkeling! So glad you got to eat at so many great places and the views are beautiful! Looks such such an amazing trip!

  7. You two are adorable!!! Love your blog - just found you, and I'm looking forward to following along!! Have a great week!! :)

  8. Your pictures are FABULOUS! I am now officially jealous of your trip...I'm dreaming of a vacation now! So glad y'all had such a good time!

  9. New to your blog which I think is Fab! I am terrified to try surfing bec of how banged up people get from it! LOL So you were a Cali girl now in Michigan eh? How's the midwest treating you? I'm from IL! Went to college in Ohio!

  10. Great pictures!!! Looking good on the surf board :) You guys did a ton and looks like you had an amazing trip. Glad through all the sickness, aches and pains you were able to have fun.

  11. Love the snorkel gear! It looks like it was a great trip......and so many pretty drinks!

  12. I'm so impressed with the surfing. Jon said you both got up on the board but the pics are great. Glad you had such a wonderful time. You both look so tan & happy. Isn't love grand?


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