Love it...Keep it...Active Gear

October 28, 2010

This week I am really loving my active gear. When Erin was out here visiting we did a ton of shopping. I didn't buy too much but lucked out and found some awesome yoga pants at New York & Company. I don't usually shop there but was really impressed with these pants! They are so comfortable. They are the perfect combination of tight but not so tight that you are embarrassed...know what I mean? Plus, for all us tall girls, they come in tall sizes! I was really excited about that because it's sometimes impossible to find cute yoga pants that are long enough for me. I'm 5'8" and usually once I wash yoga pants they shrink and look silly on me. But not these! They are the perfect length. And they were on sale for less than $18! I bought them in gray but think I might need to go back for another pair, I love them that much! Click HERE to check them out.

I also got new running shoes yesterday! My old ones were starting to fall apart but I dragged my feet about buy new ones because my oldies were so comfortable. Luckily these New Balance shoes are perfect for me. Plus they are red! Couldn't pass them up.

And finally, I'm totally lovin' on the new Taylor Swift CD. Clearly from this photo Pancake loves it too. (Taken from my iphone...sorry about the poor quality). I'm already obsessed with the song Revenge....perfect to run to at the gym. If you like Taylor Swift go out and buy this CD now! You'll thank me later.

What are you lovin' this week?

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5 Responses to “Love it...Keep it...Active Gear”

  1. loooove those pants. now i think i need some, but perhaps not in tall :) and yay new cute red shoes!! and you sold me on tswift--off to target :)

  2. Those pants are great and I need to get that cd!

  3. UGH I've GOT to go get that CD-Taylor's my girl! :)

  4. Does Taylor's music make the Cake want to work out too? Love the pants and balance are great shoes!

  5. I love new running shoes too!! I just got two new pair! And I def need to get some of those yoga pants. Have a wonderful weekend. xo


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