Love it...Keep it: Personalized Pumpkin

October 14, 2010

I LOVE pumpkins. Love everything about them...except carving them. The mess. The carving knives. Trying to get it thank you.

So this year I decided to avoid all of that and do something much simpler....paint my pumpkin! The whole process only took about 20 minutes and I was thrilled with the results. I decided to paint our pumpkin with an "R" for our last name.

First I  printed out an "R" on computer paper. I used Times New Roman size 600-800ish. I can't remember exactly. Then I cut out my stencil and taped it on to the pumpkin.

I traced around the stencil with a pen. I tried using pencil but it was too hard to see. If you make a mistake with the pen you can just wipe it off really quickly with a damp paper towel.

Then I took a small paint brush and some random black paint I had in my junk drawer and went to work. It was really easy and only needed one coat.

And there you have it, a personalized pumpkin! I've already received numerous compliments from neighbors and friends...definitely will be doing this again next year!

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13 Responses to “Love it...Keep it: Personalized Pumpkin”

  1. What a cute idea!! My boyfriend and I carved a pumpkin the other night..while it came out great, it's still annoying that it never comes out as good as you see in pictures! haha but I absolutely love this idea and I plan to try it. Thanks girl!1


  2. love that!!! love your little set up too!

  3. i'm stealing your idea and doing it this weekend. for sure. ah, i LOVE IT!!!!

  4. That is so cute, love that idea!! Might have to try it this year :)

  5. Well done! It looks great... and it will totally last longer than carving one!!

  6. great idea! this way they wont go bad!!

  7. Seriously, this is darling and what a reasonable and inexpensive price tag!!

  8. Super cute!! You always have great ideas.

  9. Last name "R"? In other posts (friends) it looks like it should be "P"??


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