Love it....Keep it: Erin's Wedding

October 7, 2010

This week for Love it...Keep it I finally get to share pictures from Erin and Mike's beautiful wedding. The wedding was September 18th in Santa Monica, California. Everything was perfect, the details were amazing, and the guests had a great time! I had the pleasure of being Erin's matron of honor. She was my maid of honor and seriously was amazing! She took care of so many details for me on my big day. I was really excited to be able to do the same for her. I got to share responsibilities with Erin's little sister, Nicole, who was her maid of honor. The bride was so organized that there wasn't too much for us to worry about....but I did get to help with a little emergency dress pinning....that's what friends are for!

While we were getting ready the day of the wedding, Erin and I, along with our friend Heather, made this wedding themed scrabble. It turned out so adorable!

The beautiful bride to be....ready to walk down the aisle.

All of our shoes lined up together....the bride wore the pretty gold Kate Spade!

Erin was so excited to put her dress on. We kept fussing over her and she finally said "can I see myself now?" it was really cute. I loved the back of her dress...very dramatic and very Erin.

The flowers were gorgeous.

Show time! Me walking down the aisle.

The bride with her dad...ready to get married!
 No pictures of the ceremony....that was the husband's fault. (still love you honey)

 Me and the husband post-ceremony.

 Me and Heather. We've both been friends with the bride since our freshmen year of college. 

 Heather and her boyfriend Adam.

 The cake! It was yummy, but I only go to have like two bites....same as my own wedding!

 Somehow I had three drinks: Champagne for my toast, wine, and a martini. Time to celebrate!

 The father-daughter dance. Erin's dad's toast was so so sweet. 

And now I absolutely have to share some of Erin and Mike's professional photos. They are gorgeous! Their photographer was Jasmine Star...and if you are getting married in Southern California look her up! She was so sweet to everyone and even had a little slide show playing during the reception of photos taken earlier in the day....such a great surprise!
 Erin and Mike did a "first look" before the ceremony. So pretty.

 Hello bridal party! Rockin' our awesome sun glasses. The boys were singing at some point...cracking us all up!
 Erin rocked it and got in the sand in her wedding dress....amazing!
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Vancura! Your wedding was amazing...and so are you!

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12 Responses to “Love it....Keep it: Erin's Wedding”

  1. Everything looks amazing.... Love, love, love. Especially j*'s pics. She is totally doing my wedding.

  2. Love the scrabble that you girlies put together!!
    The wedding pictures are beautiful!!!

  3. ahhh! its me. i LOVE it. and the wedding scrabble was totally cute, and you and jon i LOVE that pic. and yay wedding. lets do it all over again this weekend??

  4. ps-hi matron of honor :) i couldnt have done it without you and you mucho emotional support before hand!

  5. Beautiful wedding!! LOVE her dress and the sunglasses...we are doing that too for the reception! You look SO pretty-love the flower headband! :)

  6. So pretty. Erin looks so much like Sarah Jessica Parker!

  7. Such pretty pictures!!! BTW... I LOVE your hair. Thought you should know. :)

  8. Beautiful bride....fantastic pictures. Congratulations Erin & Mike!

  9. Gosh, everyone in your life is gorgeous. Just stunning!

  10. what stunning pictures! You look great in navy by the way! and I just love the photo of all the shoes lines up! TOO CUTE!

  11. I agree the wedding was beautiful and amazing. I had a blast. Thanks for the pics Julie :)

  12. P.S. thank you for helping me with my hair.


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