September 28, 2010

Of Course...

Well, I'm finally back home after ten days of vacation! And let me tell you....after ten days of hot hot weather in California and Hawaii, the cool fall weather in Michigan sure feels nice! Of course when we got home we discovered our MacBook power charger was fried. There was a power outage while we were gone which might have something to do with it. So it's either buy a new power cord (our 4th one!) or buy a new computer. We were planning to get a new computer in December anyway and don't really want to throw more money at our dying laptop. computer for me! We are off to the Apple store...not gonna lie, I'm excited!

So hopefully I'll be able to post some vacay pictures on my new laptop tomorrow!

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  1. That's fun!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee my mac... LOVE it.


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