Oh baby!

August 9, 2010

This weekend we were surrounded...by babies! And I loved every minute of it. As for the husband I'm not so sure.....he was definitely glad we don't have a baby...yet. He was a good sport and held two babies on Friday night! We were invited over to our friends Ron and Sara's house for a BBQ. They have a cute little baby boy, R.

August '10_8251
Here is the husband holding baby R, who happens to be the youngest baby he's ever held. Seeing your husband with a baby just makes your heart melt.

August '10_8255
Look at that cute little face! He looks so much like his daddy.

August '10_8256
Me with baby S. Her parents, Chris and Jamie, came over too. Somehow I didn't manage any pictures of the adults. I must have baby on the brain.

August '10_8260
Little R taking a nap. Love his little arms up over his head.

August '10_8262
S entertained us on this jumper during dinner. She had a blast.

August '10_8271
Both babies ready for bed. They didn't seem to really be in to each other.....maybe some day!

Then on Saturday my friend Kate brought her little baby girl, D, by the house. Why didn't I take any pictures Kate???? The husband was suspicious of me since we have three friends with little babies and we happened to see all three of them over the weekend. He thinks I'm planning something. I can neither confirm, nor deny! (but no, we don't have a baby on the way).

Kate and I went to the farmer's market where I picked up some corn on the cob and peaches. Both were delicious....seriously the best corn we've ever had! I made peach cobbler and it was to die for....totally didn't last long enough for me to even snap a picture!

How was your weekend?

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5 Responses to “Oh baby!”

  1. awe! babies!! so so cute. . . and you're totally plotting something :)

  2. Babies in the bottom picture have the PRETTIEST eyes ever.

    Don't scare Hubby. ;) I'd be dubious, too. ;)

    My sister made a fresh peach cobbler this weekend too. Must be that time of year.

    (How funny -- the word verification is "spermia"... which is required to make babies.)

  3. You must be torturing your mother and mother in law with all this baby talk! :) Great to see you guys this weekend!


    S's mommy

  4. So cute! There is definitely nothing wrong to have baby on the brain!

  5. I love Jamie's comment.
    I can't believe how much baby R has grown. Both babies are just so cute.


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