Love it . . . Keep it: Zappos

August 26, 2010

Welcome to "Love it...Keep it" where I talk about something I'm currently lovin' on. Lately I've been loving shoe shopping online...especially at They have tons of shoes and best of shipping on everything plus free shipping on returns. Does it get any better than that? And no, I'm not getting paid to say this!

Online shoe shopping has helped me a ton...especially since it seems my options for cute shoes are somewhat limited out here in Michigan. I've been on the hunt for the perfect silver shoes for the best friend's upcoming wedding...and bought no less than four pairs online. Three of which were easily returned. Here's the one I'm keeping:

Adorable right? And they're comfortable.

I also got these (as you saw yesterday in my Wordless Wednesday post) just for fun.

The other day I had an issue with a return label for a pair of shoes that didn't fit. I e-mailed Zappos and not only did they get back to me within 24 hours, they also solved my problem and updated me to VIP status...which means free overnight shipping on all of my future orders. Score!

If you are on the hunt for cute shoes...check them out!

***again, these thoughts were my own and I was not paid to write this

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6 Responses to “Love it . . . Keep it: Zappos”

  1. I will def be checking them out. Also I live in MI and finding cute shoes in my size can be a problem :/ I'm a 9.5 and it seems they rarely have my size. Thanks for the info!

  2. I haven't ever bought from Zappos... which is weird, cause I love online shopping SO much. Must investigate.

    My wallet obviously thanks you :)

  3. i LOVE shoe shopping. . and i love zappos. . and i love you wedding shoes! (i'm clearly feeling lots of love right now!)

  4. I'll check it out. Oh and I really like the silver shoes!

  5. Love zappos! They ship quickly and process refunds immediately. I tried on line and they took 4 days to process order for shipping and another 7 days for shoes to arrive. Also, their free shipping did not include the cost of shipping to return items.....I won't order from them again!

  6. Love it. Keep it. Now I want to go on and order shoes. heheh PS love both pairs


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