Love it . . . Keep it: Cake Plates

August 12, 2010

I have a major obsession with cake plates. I get it from my mom. I currently have about 9 in my collection but feel the need to add more.
This one was a wedding gift from an old friend and is one of my favorites. I love the simple red detail. It's from Crate and Barrel. 

I'm currently lusting over these from Elizabeth's Embellishments. So adorable stacked together. 

And I really want one of these from Martha Stewart for Macy's. Might have to squeeze a shopping trip into my weekend. I just love the square shape.

And I've been wanting this one from Crate and Barrel for forever. So simple and classic.

What are you loving and keeping this week?

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5 Responses to “Love it . . . Keep it: Cake Plates”

  1. I have the same obsession! LOVE THEM. They are so cute, and so retro. I am jealous of your red trimmed one!!! :)

  2. If I had more room I'd have 20 cake plates! So many cute ones out there. I love your red and white one. I use my cake plates for lots of things. They're great for adding height to a buffet at a party. I also use them to serve appetizers.

  3. You can never have too many cake them all!

  4. youre obsession with cake plates is way too cute!! i love it!

  5. Perhaps we need to add your favorite to a "Christmas List"? A little early but I do like to plan ahead.


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