I'm on a boat

August 2, 2010

On Saturday evening were lucky enough to be invited to our friend Geori's lake cottage to hang out on her family's boat and explore the lake. Of course I asked if we could take Wrigley along too. He loves the water so much I couldn't even think about going without him! On the way out to the lake the husband thought it would be a good idea to get Wrigley a dog life jacket because we were worried he would jump off the boat while it was moving. He tends to get a little over excited about water and I didn't want to lose him!

Wrigley Boat_7966
Doesn't he look cute? He was a little scared at first but soon started to love it. We've decided we definitely did not need the life jacket (good thing I kept the tags on it!). Wrigley was so good and stayed in his seat the entire time.

Wrigley Boat_7970
He loved having the wind in his hair and watching the water splash.

Wrigley Boat_7971
After the boat ride Wrigley kept walking over to the edge of water and we could tell he wanted to swim. So the husband jumped on in.

Wrigley Boat_7982
Wrigley soon followed and had a blast. He could swim for hours.

Wrigley Boat_7976

Wrigley Boat_7992
Lovin' that frisbee.

Wrigley Boat_7996
Thanks Geori for a fun night! I think Wrigley had his best day ever.

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8 Responses to “I'm on a boat”

  1. he LOOVED it! so so cute! such a good doggie.

  2. he is absolutely adorable. What a good dog!!

  3. So cute!! I love when I can put my pup in her life jacket... she hates the water though :(

  4. We are also thinking of byuing a Golden. We have been reading your blog for a long time and find it very nice.


  5. open invitation always, whenever. let's get you up next time before 7pm so we can get more in! i'm really excited for you guys and your search for your mom. so glad you came up and wrigley was so well behaved (sorry old man gus wasn't). heard he was tuckered out on the ride home and movin' slow sunday. have a great week-Geor

  6. Oh Julie, the life jacket is hilarious! That is one cute dog!

  7. Beyond cute! No question, Wrigley is a lake doggie! Now, we just need to find a nice lake house!!

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