July 13, 2010

The Cone of Shame

Has anyone seen the movie Up? If not, go watch it now. Trust me. In the movie a dog named Doug  has to wear what he calls the"cone of shame" whenever he is in trouble.

Wrigley Surgery_7428

We've got our own cone of shame wearing dog around here. Only it isn't because he's in trouble. Wrigley isn't too fond of his new collar....and I don't blame him.

Wrigley Surgery_7435

Last week he had surgery to remove a growth on his right leg...and now has 7 stitches. See the little bald spot on his leg? He keeps pick pick picking at the stitches so on went the cone.

Wrigley Surgery_7437
He's still cute, even with the cone! Hopefully he gets his stitches out in the next few days and we can toss it in the trash!


  1. adorable! the cone is always killer for the pups. mine kept running into everything!!

  2. That's a good looking puppy dog, even with a cone of shame. ;) Get well soon, Wrigley!

  3. Aww poor Wrigley!! He's so adorable! I hope he gets well soon!

  4. all the best and quick recovery to your cutie...sunny smiles from the Netherlands!

  5. Get well soon Wiggles! You look pretty healthy & happy with your cone on.


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