The Cone of Shame

July 13, 2010

Has anyone seen the movie Up? If not, go watch it now. Trust me. In the movie a dog named Doug  has to wear what he calls the"cone of shame" whenever he is in trouble.

Wrigley Surgery_7428

We've got our own cone of shame wearing dog around here. Only it isn't because he's in trouble. Wrigley isn't too fond of his new collar....and I don't blame him.

Wrigley Surgery_7435

Last week he had surgery to remove a growth on his right leg...and now has 7 stitches. See the little bald spot on his leg? He keeps pick pick picking at the stitches so on went the cone.

Wrigley Surgery_7437
He's still cute, even with the cone! Hopefully he gets his stitches out in the next few days and we can toss it in the trash!

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6 Responses to “The Cone of Shame”

  1. adorable! the cone is always killer for the pups. mine kept running into everything!!

  2. That's a good looking puppy dog, even with a cone of shame. ;) Get well soon, Wrigley!

  3. Aww poor Wrigley!! He's so adorable! I hope he gets well soon!

  4. all the best and quick recovery to your cutie...sunny smiles from the Netherlands!

  5. Get well soon Wiggles! You look pretty healthy & happy with your cone on.


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