Love it . . . Keep it

June 3, 2010

Welcome to Love it Keep it where I pick something to share that I'm lovin' on today. Right now I'm loving my cat Pancake. He can be a monster but this little guy brings me a lot of joy. I love waking up in the morning and finding him snuggled up close to me. 
Memorial Day '10_7019
I mean, who wouldn't love that face?

Memorial Day '10_7020
He is always sitting at the deck sliding door begging to go outside.
Memorial Day '10_7023
Sometimes he gets a little demanding.

What are you loving this week?

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5 Responses to “Love it . . . Keep it”

  1. LOL love the facial expressions... especially the last... with the "he can be a little demanding" line.


  2. hes soooo cute!! i love the cakers :)

  3. oh pancake what a delightful name- too cute!


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