I survived my first tornado! Sort of...

June 22, 2010

Oh. My. Word. Last night was scary. At about 1:00 a.m. we were suddenly woken up by a loud tornado warning alarm. I said to the husband "is that the tornado alarm???? We need to get in the basement!". So we grabbed Henry, Pancake, Wrigley, and two flashlights and ran downstairs. Y'all, I was terrified. I've never ever heard those tornado alarms go off (other than just a drill). It was such a shock because we had no idea it was coming...it wasn't even raining outside.

We sat in the basement for a few minutes and then the alarm stopped. Relieved, we decided to be brave and go upstairs so that Wrigley could take care of his business. Then of course we turned on the news only to see angry red warning signs all over the weather map for our area. The weathermen told us to get back in the basement asap and stay away from any windows. And then the alarm went off again. And it started to pour down rain. And thunder and lightning. So we high tailed it back down to our shelter.

Growing up in California means that I've lived through several earthquakes. And let me tell you, tornados are much more terrifying. At least with earthquakes you shake for 20 seconds and then it's over. I've even slept through one. With an earthquake you don't have to sit for an hour in terror wondering when the tornado will strike. I could never live somewhere like Oklahoma where this happens all the time!

Needless to say, a tornado didn't touch down by us, and we were back in bed an hour later.

Between prayers for safety I realized that we were so not prepared for a tornado. We didn't have water, or extra flashlights, a first aid kit, or a radio. By chance we did have some food in the basement (a healthy selection of chips, pudding, and V8 juice). So of course I now have a list of stuff to buy should this ever happen again.

And that picture of the angry mass of clouds above was taken by our local news station Wood TV8.

Has anyone ever been in a tornado? What was it like?

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7 Responses to “I survived my first tornado! Sort of...”

  1. Oh that is scary!! We've had tornado scares from the hurricanes being on the East Coast. Those are scary, and I remember running down to the basement as well! Glad you are all safe and sound!

  2. I HATE tornados!! We always had tornado warnings growing up because I lived near the gulf, not cool! That picture of the tornado is scary! Glad you're okay!

  3. Wow! That picture is incredible!! I am so, so happy you all are okay. I live in the midwest too, and tornados absolutely terrify me!

  4. I grew up in West Texas, so we've had our share of tornado warnings... which is awful... because I am absolutely TERRIFIED of weather.

    When I first started living alone, I didn't know what to do when the weather got really bad, so I would just cover my head with my pillow and resign myself to the fact if I was going to die, I wouldn't have to watch it. LOL...

    Now my friend Kimberly... she and her husband chase tornadoes... I think they're a little crazy.

  5. This sounds many, many times worse than our earthquakes in CA. I guess you need to prepare an emergency kit....and make that basement a comfortable place!

  6. the even scarier part is that you said 'y'all' in that post!!

    ok, the tornado is scary too! i'll never forget the one we were in while in canada. The sky was green!

  7. Thank God your all o.k. & no damage was done.
    Our electric is out because of last nights storms(6/23). I came to work early to do my hair etc.
    Where is the sun??????????


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