I really hope we don't kill them....

June 2, 2010

Over the weekend the husband and I spent some time planting new plants and flowers in our front yard. The guy who built our back deck gave us a heads up that a nursery that normally only sells to professional landscapers would be having a sale over Memorial Day weekend where anyone could buy stuff. So we made the 45 minute drive to get some gorgeous plants. And we got lost. But then we found it.

It was so hot I nearly died...but it was worth it because we scored some good deals. We also went to a local nursery and got some pretty flowers for the front porch. My requirements for flower purchases are as follows: 1. Look pretty 2. Be really hard to kill

Memorial Day '10_7005
Welcome to our home!

Memorial Day '10_7006

I found these three lanterns at Home Goods a couple of months ago. They were gray so I panted them black and stuck big chunky candles in them. So cute!

Memorial Day '10_7007
Pretty red flowers. The husband isn't a fan of the iron bunny, but I like him. When my mom first bought him for us the husband didn't even notice him for a few days. So in my book, that means I can keep him!

Memorial Day '10_7009
The husband planted the five smaller bushes you see in this photo (well, the one in the center is red, so it doesn't show up so well...but it's there). We really need something that will grow really big (the back two) and be easy to care for. Then I put together the hanging baskets.....nursery's charge like $15 for a hanging basket...no thanks, I'll make one myself for less!

And do you see someone looking through the window on the left?

Memorial Day '10_7010
Here, I'll zoom in for you. Wrigley was really concerned that we may be having fun outside without him.

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7 Responses to “I really hope we don't kill them....”

  1. It looks great! I have one of the same lanterns, the tall one.

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    Your home looks really nice. You both have done a great job. Very, very pretty and inviting. Teresa

  3. poor w! i love love love the plants and the lanterns and the bunny (the bunny stays-hes adorable). you're front yard looks amazing!

  4. looks awesome. I really think Wrigley and Tyson would be BFF's. I follow the same rules as you... 1) really pretty and 2) IMPOSSIBLE to kill haha

  5. adorable! love the lanterns! I <3 spray paint!

  6. Looooove your hanging planters! I've been wanting to do that on our back porch. This weekend...it's time!

  7. AS I've told you before LOVE those lanterns. The flowers are beautiful.....who doesn't love flowers?


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