June 8, 2010

I know I've been a little MIA lately.....because I've been on vacation! Pictures coming soon, but if you want a quick sneak peak of my awesome photo shoot then pop on over to my friend Erin's blog HERE.

In the meantime I keep forgetting to post about our new purchase. A few weeks ago we finally got a new grill for our deck. And I am in love. I love it when the husband grills up something yummy for dinner. It just feels so much like summer.
Memorial Day '10_7015
The husband recently grilled up some yummy veggies: portobello mushrooms and also tomato, peach, and red pepper kabobs! It was delicious!

Memorial Day '10_7011
Does anyone have any good grilling recipes? If so, please share!

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5 Responses to “Grillin'”

  1. those mushrooms look delicious!! Love grilling!

  2. mmmm. . . yay for grillin! best summer dinners ever. also i'm pretty sure we have the same grill! perhaps i'll come over for a bbq!

  3. I love your new grill!! And those mushrooms look amazing!

  4. Looks nice, we also have a grill, we hardly use it because in The Netherlands it is most of the zear cold. I was woundering were the meat was on yours.


  5. I'm coming for dinner!


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