Mo & Ali's Wedding

May 17, 2010

Well, the day we were all waiting for finally arrived! Mo and Ali's wedding was on Saturday and it was perfect! Ali looked beautiful and Mo was so excited to see his bride. The husband was a groomsmen and, as I mentioned a long time ago, I was asked to read a prayer at the wedding. I was so nervous but all my practicing paid off because it went off without a hitch! I actually had people tell me I should be a public speaker (ha! Can you imagine me a public speaker? No thanks!). We were honored to be a part of their special day. I took a ton of pictures (like 300!). Here are a few (actually a lot) of my favorites:

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6705
Me and the husband. I forgot to take a picture of my pretty corsage....

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6552
The husband and Christine walking down the aisle.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6555
Mo waiting for his bride.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6558
Ali and her dad. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6577
Mo and Ali rented a trolley to take the bridal party and dates around down for pictures. It was so much fun! And such a cute idea!

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6849
Oh and there were drinks on the trolley too...good times.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6578
The boys having fun.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6585
Love this one of Ali and Mo. We had our own mini photo shoot before the photographer arrived. 
Mo & Ali's Wedding_6607
Ali and the girls. So cute!

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6612

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6616

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6640
Love this one of the guys. 

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6657
I'm so excited about how this one turned out!

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6674
And of course we had to all have some hot damn! It's a wedding tradition.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6690
Me with Ali. 

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6712
Me, Ali, and Karri.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6734
Mo doesn't like ducks....

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6764
Ali's beautiful bouquet. 

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6788
I love this one.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6752
Throw him in!

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6818

Work it!

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6830

I told him to grab the back of her cute.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6842

The bridal party.

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6861
 Messing around on the trolley. 

Mo & Ali's Wedding_6893
And one of my favorite parts of the wedding....the candy bar!

Congrats Mo and Ali! Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!

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8 Responses to “Mo & Ali's Wedding”

  1. What awesome photos! We drink hot damn on special occasions too!!

  2. haha LOVE the pics!! who were the BMs shoes by? i love them!! i love the simple black tea length dress with the pop of green flowers!

  3. You took some great pics Julie. Now I'm going to beg for a pic of you and Jon together. Both of you looked so good. Wish we could have seen more of each other this time.
    Congrats to Mo and Ali & thanks for sharing your special day with us.

  4. Jamie MooreMay 17, 2010

    Great pics Julie. What a beautiful wedding, sorry we had to miss it! If you ever want to practice your photography skills on a baby let me know! :)

  5. looks like everything turned out wonderfully and everyone had a blast!! yay weddings!

  6. Great photos.......brings back memories of your big day! It looks like everyone had fun. Ali looks so pretty, she and Mo are absolutely glowing!!! The black sash for the reception is a nice touch.

  7. I love your blog!

    Ok, this is strange...I know a couple who are getting married this summer, named Mo and Ali! How funny is that?!

    I love the pics you took! Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are great! I love the green parasols! I love the picture of the couple with it.

    And you look GORGEOUS!!!!


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