April 19, 2010

Good morning everyone! Thanks for all your comments on last weeks Gray and Yellow post....I went to Home to the Depot this weekend and picked out some paint samples....all that is left is to decide on a color and then somehow convince the husband to help me paint! I'm not the greatest painter in the world (according to the husband!) so I definitely need his help!

This weekend we spent a lot of time working in the yard putting down new mulch. The poor husband worked on it Saturday and Sunday and had to make 3 trips to Home to the Depot to buy more! I'll try and post a picture this week because it looks so good!

I spent some time inside (it was so cold in Michigan this weekend!) doing one of my favorite activities...rolling coins! I've loved rolling coins since I was a little girl. I used to do it with my dad and he would let me have half of the money we made. I love sorting the coins into piles, stuffing them in the wrappers, and then adding up how much I have....sounds weird, but I love it!

Wrigley Bunny_6294

Here is what I started with....tons of the husband's loose change. I never have this much change!

Wrigley Bunny_6293

I picked up some coin wrappers at Target...another love.

April 10_6346

And here is my may not look like much but it turned out to be $144.50! Score! Shopping, here I come! And I still have more pennies to wrap...but I ran out of wrappers.

Anyone else love rolling coins too, or am I weird?

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4 Responses to “Rollin'”

  1. I have never, ever rolled a coin in my life. Except for a fundraiser we did at school that raised so many coins it was insane not to.

    But seriously.... do you take them to the bank ? Keep them? Spend them?

    I always just take them to a bank with a coin-sorting machine and they tell me how much it is... after I have already counted it at home and know how much is there. I was convinced they were cheating me as a child. (Yes, I'm weird.)

  2. i'm with sarah. . . i dont think ive ever rolled coins before! but it sounds like a good task for a cold michigan weekend!!

  3. Sheesh! Of course I have rolled coin....and I look everywhere to make sure that I have found every last penny in the entire house!!! Money is money!

  4. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    If I were you I would have goten my wrappers free from the bank. Also it is a U.S.Mint fact that 70 to 75% of all coins minted are pennies so 7 times the number of penny wrappers to every single set of nickel/dime/quarter.


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