Love it . . . Keep it: Favorite Places to Shop

April 29, 2010

Welcome to Love it Keep it, where I chat about things or places I'm currently lovin' on. This may be news here but I love to shop. It's sad to say but I think shopping is my favorite hobby. Isn't my husband lucky? Unfortunately I live in West Michigan, which means my shopping is sort of limited. We don't have a lot of the fun stores I am used to. So, I make do with what we have....and also get out to California every now and then so my mom can take me shopping!

My number one favorite store to shop in is The Limited. I love their stuff and I can usually get items for work or play for a great price. They have great coupons all the time (like buy one accessory, get one free). A good majority of my wardrobe comes from here.

My second favorite store is Macy's. I get most of my shoes here. Seriously, who doesn't love Macy's?

And of course I love Ann Taylor. Their jewelry is my favorite. I can always find a classy outfit here.

I actually think that Target might be my favorite store. I could spend hours there just looking at all the stuff. I heart Target. I especially love finding cute clothes for great prices.

And finally, I love Victoria's Secret. Especially their comfy sweat pants. I think I spend way too much money in this store!

What are you favorite places to shop?

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5 Responses to “Love it . . . Keep it: Favorite Places to Shop”

  1. TL, Target and VS are my FAVS!!!

  2. Love the buy one get one free accessory coupons from the limited!!

  3. I love your "Love it...Keep it" posts! I am a T.J. Maxx or Nordstrom Rack kinda girl... :) Happy Friday to you too!

  4. we love all the same places. . . its a good thing we dont live closer. Shopping could get dangerous-especially when adding jcrew, banana, and bcbg!

  5. Oh Target. I wonder just how much of my life I spend in there? TOO much! HA!


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