Happy Easter

April 4, 2010

We had a great Easter weekend at our house. My in-laws and sister-in-law came to visit and we had a great time catching up and relaxing. It was my first time hosting Easter, so I was a little nervous about cooking the meal and making sure everything turned out right. Plus, I've been sick all week so it was a little more difficult for me...but thanks to everyone it all worked out!

Me and the husband before church.

My in-laws.

After church we came back to our house for lunch. I made a roast and was nervous about the timing, but it turned out perfect!

My first roast was a success! So yummy.

I also made twice baked potatoes and a yummy salad with candied pecans. Everything tasted great and was worth all the effort.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! He is Risen!

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5 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. Ok, I have to request a hair tutorial. You have such amazing hair!!

    Looks like the meal was fabulous - nice job!

  2. Happy Easter..i think the meal was great.it looks yummy..

  3. LOVE twice baked potatoes!!! And good job on the roast... still haven't braved that one myself!

  4. thank you for a wonderful week-end. We had a
    great time. Easter lunch was sooo delicious. The left-overs were great on Monday night. I hope your feeling better. Thanks again and never be nervous about making a special meal because you make Martha S. need cooking lessons. Love You

  5. Yeah for the first roast!!! Everything looks great!!!


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