Tow Truck Adventures

March 8, 2010

So, how many times during the weekend would you think it necessary to call AAA towing service? If you are me, then the answer would be two. On Saturday the husband and I were out running errands in our Jeep when all of a sudden it wouldn't start. No sound of the engine turning over...just silence. And the heater and clock were still working so we knew it probably wasn't the battery. So that was the first call to AAA. After about 45 minutes they sent someone out to help us. (Side note, the AAA people are so nice and helpful, I'm seriously so thankful we have a membership). They guy that came to our rescue was named Bud...I kid you not. The husband and I wanted to ask him if that was really his name...but we restrained ourselves. Anyway, he tried giving us a jump, which of course, didn't work. Then he got on the ground and slivered under the car with a hammer. He gave the starter a little bang and the Jeep started again! Success! We were so happy. While we were waiting for AAA to arrive we were texting all of our friends and our neighbor to see if anyone could pick us up and no one was we were so glad our car started again!

And now here is where we went wrong: We took the advice of Bud. He said that the car would probably be fine. Bud told us that the starter was probably just clogged up. So we jumped in the Jeep and discussed taking it to the dealership to have them take a look at it just in case. Well, the Jeep dealership we thought was down the street was no where to be we just went home and made plans to take it in for service during the week. Obviously, another mistake.

So anyway, come Sunday afternoon the husband is working on his bicycle and discovers he needs to run to the store to pick up a tool he is missing. Well, of course he took the Jeep so he could test it out...and it started just fine. Well, you can guess what happened next. It involved me and Wrigley driving to Home Depot with a hammer to his rescue (and no, mom, I didn't bring the pink hammer...I knew better!). The poor husband got under the car and hammered the spot Bud told him about....and nothing happened. We could not get that dang Jeep to start for the live of us! So I called my AAA pals, again. And told them our story, again. Needless to say they came to our rescue and got us started again. The guy had to hit the starter really hard. So, having learned our lesson we went straight to a repair place. Turns out we need a new starter...surprise surprise.
So we are just a one car family for today....and so thankful for AAA. Highly recommend them! I hope you had better luck during your weekend!

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4 Responses to “Tow Truck Adventures”

  1. TWICE in one weekend. . . thank goodness for AAA.

  2. Hope you had some fun this week-end. I guess your lucky it happened on the week-end not at work.
    Have a great day!

  3. What a terrible weekend, and I was thinking we have all the bad luck! Love your blog...Come over to GrannyMountain for a visit!

  4. Jon told us this story at work this past week, but he forgot to mention it was actually "Bud" and another tow truck driver that actually got under the car and banged on the starter. In Jon's version it was Jon that got under the car, and thanks to his vast automotive repair knowledge was able to save the day. Next time you should bring the pink hammer for Jon to use, maybe it'll actually work for him!

    -j seguna


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