Mud Bath

March 15, 2010

No, I didn't get a mud bath this weekend. But Wrigley sure did.Have you all missed his face on this blog? On Saturday morning I took him to the dog park even though I knew it would be a muddy mess.

And it was. In fact all of Michigan right now is a muddy mess.

Everyone at the park felt the need to tell me how dirty Wrigley was I couldn't see that for myself.

So we went straight home to take a bath.

And man, that water was brown brown brown. You can't even see the wost of it from this picture...but yuck! Luckily my boy cleans up really nicely!

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8 Responses to “Mud Bath”

  1. i bet wrigley had way more fun at the dog park. . those "clean" dogs werent allowed to. he's SO big now!!

  2. Tyson was the exact same way last week! Lots of baths for him, but now he smells great and is super soft!

  3. What a good momma you are to let your little guy have such fun! Boys do love the mud, ya know. Please post the "after" photo.

  4. Goldens love to play in the dirt that's for sure !!!

  5. What a great mom though! That you would take him out to have a blast even knowing it would be extra work to clean him! I applaud you.


  6. He has got to be one of the cutest pups I've ever seen. Ever.

  7. So cute! Whether clean or dirty!!

  8. Great post! Maybe you could do a follow up on this topic =D


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