Love it . . . Keep it. . . Spring Edition

March 18, 2010

Welcome to "Love it...Keep it" where I chatter on about things I'm currently lovin' on. If you want to do a "Love it...Keep it" post of your own, make sure you link to me and then leave a comment on this post so I can link to you! This week I'm doing a Spring Edition....because there is nothing more exciting to a girl living in snow covered Michigan than the thought of Spring! This week our snow finally melted and I can see our grass! Yay! It's dead, but at least it's there.(But I think we will get a little sprinkle of snow this Sunday....let's hope it's just a dusting and not a dump of snow!)
Spring in Michigan is beautiful. You start seeing tulips popping up everywhere! We planted a ton of bulbs in our yard but haven't seen anything sprout yet. I think some deer may have eaten them. I love all creatures...especially ones that look like Bambi...but man, keep out of my yard please! I'll keep you posted if we get any blooms.
This is my current "love it" this week. The Stella Fossil watch. It's very Spring. I told the husband that a time change meant a new watch right? I actually really needed a watch because I'm allergic to any metal that is not gold or silver. And let's be real, that can be expensive! I picked mine up over the weekend and have gotten so many compliments on it! It sort of looks like the Channel watch that everyone is lusting over...but way more affordable. Usually I have a watch for about a year before it starts to eat away at my wrist...yuck. This watch is made of resin, so I don't think I'll have that problem. I'm Keepin' it!

Next up are my favorite Easter candy....Peeps. I love me a peep. I don't care what everyone says about them, they are yummy! I prefer yellow chicks followed by pink bunnies please. None of the green or purple peeps for me...yuck! I'm a traditionalist.

And finally, I have been lusting over this beautiful Ann Taylor necklace. I could wear this with so many outfits. You are totally welcomed to buy it for me, go ahead, I won't mind at all! I would love to add this to my "keep it" file.
Thanks for stopping by "Love it...Keep it"! What are you lovin' on this week?

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5 Responses to “Love it . . . Keep it. . . Spring Edition”

  1. I would say "Love It..Keep It to everything BUT your beloved peeps.

  2. oooh, i like that necklace! and your watch. . i adore white watches!! also, since spring is in the air we need a new spring "girl in the red shoes" header!

  3. I do hope the deer did not eat all your bulbs but I did see one munching in your yard at Christmas time!
    I looked at the site for a close up of your new watch. It's quite cute and I noticed that it has an 11 year warranty.....not 10 or 15 but 11, what's with that!

  4. PEEP? Really? Peeps get the love but not me? Come on Jon, you promised the love...where is it? Peeps suck and I rule, think about it and give me my due! I wish they had emoticons on here so I could post "our" rainbow (just like at work)!!


    Brick Heck

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