Love it . . . Keep it . . . Nerdy Girl Books Edition

March 11, 2010

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Since I am a nerdy teenage girl at heart (as the husband would say) I am not ashamed to admit that I love me a good vampire/romance book.

It all started with the Twilight series. Which, let's be real, were really not that good, yet somehow amazing at the same time! Oh Edward, how I love you. I read them back to back and remember trying to slow myself down because I didn't want them to end. And then of course I had to see the movies's a vicious cycle that the husband will never understand. My love for Twilight led me to look for other similar books....and let me share with you a few of my favorites (even though some are a bit embarrassing, I feel like my readers won't judge me!).

First up, the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Love them! This series is amazing! And, in my opinion, better than the Twilight series by far. I believe there are about ten out in print right now and I've read every single one. The next one is coming this spring and I'm so excited! The best part about these books is that there are so many that you really get in to it. I remember thinking the first book, Dead Until Dark, was a little hard to get through in the beginning, but after that it was amazing, so don't get discouraged! The HBO TV show True Blood is based on these books, and even though the show is different from the books (aren't they always?) it is one of my favorite to watch! And, if anyone wants to know, I'm totally torn between Eric and Bill....but Eric on TV is my favorite!

After the Sookie books I started reading the Blue Bloods books by Melissa De La Cruz. There are currently four books in this series and I think at least two more to come. Basically I think they are a cross between Twilight and Gossip Girl, which is another show I love (but haven't read the books). These books are good to fill that Twilight void in your life!

This next one is the most embarrassing....mostly because the books are so bad, yet I still want to read them! This series is called House of Night and the first book is Marked. There are six books so far in this series and the seventh book, Burned, comes out April 27th (yes, it is on my calendar! I told you I'm a nerd!). This series is about a girl who gets marked as special and enters a school where she will either become a vampire or die. Crazy huh? The books are written by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. Let's just say they try way to hard to use teenager speak....and it is really annoying. And the main character, Zoey always has boys fighting over her, which gets really old. But somehow, they sucked me in!

And finally, what nerdy girl books list would be complete without mentioning Harry Potter? Of course I read these wonderful J.K. Rowling books before any of the others mentioned above. And to say I love them would be an understatement. They are probably my favorite books ever. I've read them all twice and will probably read them again. It was fun to re-read the first few books after knowing what I know now after reading the seventh and final book. I'm keepin' Harry forever!

Are there any nerdy girl books I've missed? I would love to hear what some of your favorite (nerdy or not) books are! I'm currently reading Fallen by Lauren Kate, and so far it's just okay. Thanks for stopping by and for not making fun of my nerdy reading habits!
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7 Responses to “Love it . . . Keep it . . . Nerdy Girl Books Edition”

  1. I am a huge twilight fan also! Such great books. I TRIED to get into True Blood series, but it was all just too weird and not sweet enough for me... so that was the end of my vampire story. haha

    I love any book that Nicholas Sparks and Emily Giffin have ever written. Great authors for sure!

  2. ahhh! so many vampire books. . . but i love they too!

  3. I'm right there with ya with the vamp books.

    I love all the Twilight books. So bad yet so good. Swoon over Edward big time.

    Sookie books are also my favorite. Such amazing books. Love True Blood and I am totally Team Eric all the way. He makes me blush. ha!

    I also read the vampire diaries(just okay)and watch the show.

  4. Yes Adam thinks I am nerd for reading too (wouldn't matter what box). Yet he spend a ton of time on the computer playing games. I think that's nerdy. Love Sookie and Twilight. I will make it through Harry one day.

  5. great recommendations. I need something new to read and will definitely try a couple of your suggestions.

  6. I'm just about to read Breaking Dawn! Ahhh I love them all!

  7. You know I feel you on the Twilight thing. Don't tell anyone. Maybe I will try the others. Because apparently I am doing whatever you tell me to. You have good taste in pets. You have good taste in Edward. How could you steer me wrong?


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