Leave it to me to dress like my present...

March 17, 2010

Over the weekend I attended a bridal shower for my friend Ali, who is marrying Mo in May. Mo and the husband are good friends from college and were roommates their freshmen year. We heart them. We want them to move closer to us (hint hint!).

Karri, Ali, and me. Ali was so cute dressed in her wedding colors: apple green, black, and white!

Mo came to the shower too....so he could help with all the fun gifts! I'm so bummed I forgot to snap a photo of the present I got them....but here is Mo holding it. And no, I didn't dress like my present on purpose (polka dots are just my thing). And Ali knew the gift was from me, just by looking at the wrapping...that is the second time someone has said that! I guess my love for the polka dot is widely known!

Ali opening more gifts. Love the paper to match the wedding! Oh, and are you wondering where the picture of the goodies I got them is? I can't show it. The first box was some, um, little lacy things for Ali (it was a shower, isn't that necessary? And I didn't know Mo was going to be there...) and the second box was something I made for the couple that turned out so cute that something similar is going to make an appearance at another bride-to-be's shower! And I made one for myself...I'm bummed I can't show you for a few more months....you'll just have to be patient!

Mo's parents got them the vacuum that Mo has been wanting for a while! He said he would use it that night...and I totally believe him!

The happy couple. Can't wait for their wedding May 15th!

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3 Responses to “Leave it to me to dress like my present...”

  1. Congratulations to Mo and Ali. We don't know Ali very well but Mo has a special place in our hearts.
    Looking forward to their wedding.

  2. i love your shirt! super duper cute. and i LOVE that they got a vaccum, much needed!

  3. Super cute couple! And I like that idea of dressing like your present...



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