Winter Shoes

February 8, 2010

Since it is still winter out here in Michigan, it makes sense to have a winter red shoes header doesn't it? What do you think of the new picture? Big thanks to my husband and my sister in law for snapping some photos of my cute red rain boots...and also thanks to Wrigley for being adorable as always. Here are a few outtakes that were just too cute not to post.

Wrigley with snow on his nose...he's a snow dog.

And yes, we were bribing him with treats....

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 photo twitter_zps1a2a45e0.png
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9 Responses to “Winter Shoes”

  1. LOVE the picture!! That's so awesome!

    You seriously have the best blog header!!

  2. It's too cute! Loved watching it being photographed.

  3. Too cute!
    Love the red galoshes

  4. awe i love the new header! its perfect!!

  5. love your new shoes, and your golden retriever couldn't be any cuter. I think our lab and yours would get along great!!

  6. What a cute pup! We have a golden about Wrigley's ago and I was just thinking there is no way we could get her to stay still like that...even with treats!

  7. I love the new header... the picture is VERY appropriate for the weather and super cute!


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