Greetings from San Francisco

February 22, 2010

I'm in San Francisco shopping away with my mom! Love this city!

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6 Responses to “Greetings from San Francisco”

  1. Looks beautiful!!! I so wish I was there.
    It just took me one hour to drive my usual 30 minutes to work. The weather is horriable!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy the sunshine!! Miss you

  2. its such an amazing city! i always love going to visit. . hope you and your mom are having fun!!

  3. Hope your having a blast!

  4. Nice picture of the Golden gate. When we were there we had a lot of fog.

  5. ATTN BEV Well I feel left out "sister"! Hope you are having a wonderful time in the City by the Bay, and I KNOW you are! I haven't been there since my honeymoon 35 yrs ago (ouch!) It's always great to be with your DAUGHTER! And SHOPPING! Gotta share with you, Aubrey and family maybe MOVING HERE to Reno, yeah! Can you believe it? just .3 mile away! :] They were here Nov. and Jan. JULIE your blog is wonderful, I really get a kick out of it. Are you sure you shouldn't be a journalist? Something to consider for the next phase for your little family (if you get my drift, hee, hee).
    BEV & JULIE We have 2' of fresh, beautiful snow. Little Miss Merri is loving it! As Shania would say, COME ON OVER... until then, I'll see you when I see you. Hugs, Donna K.

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