Celebrity Look Alikes....

February 5, 2010

All week people on facebook have been posting their celebrity look alikes....which got me thinking about who people tell me I look like. I didn't post a picture on facebook, but thought it would be interesting blog chatter, so here we go!

I get told I look like Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic) all the time. Which is fine by me because I think she is adorable!

Another one I've gotten a few times is Amy Adams (Enchanted, Julie & Julia). Now, this one I don't really see other than we have similar hair...but she's gorgeous so I'll take it!

Someone at work said I looked like Ashlee Simpson...I really don't see this one but again, I think it is only because of the hair.

And I used to get Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls)...back when she had red hair and was not a psycho.

Here is me with the husband....what do you think?

And just for kicks, I'll add that the husband gets told he looks like Brendan Fraser all the time. I totally see this one!

Who is your celebrity look alike?

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6 Responses to “Celebrity Look Alikes....”

  1. I can totally see the Isla Fisher resemblance. My matches are always so boring.... I don't look like anyone, apparently!

  2. Your both gorgeous. The movie stars should be so lucky!

  3. Well they are all hotties so your in great company. I tried to think of one for me but couldn't come up with anything.

  4. I see the likeness with Isla and Brendan.....don't really want you to look like ashlee or lindsay!
    Whatever, you are beautiful!

  5. From my own experience, I have to say people don't see enough redheads, therefore they think we all look alike. I've gotten both Nicole Kidman and Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook"....the two of who don't look anything alike nor do I look like either of them!


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