State of the Blog

January 27, 2010

Welcome to my new blog! "Julie and Jon" has officially been retired and I am happy to introduce you to "The Girl in the Red Shoes"! I feel like I've had a mental block about blogging lately, and it was really starting to wear on me. For about a month I have been thinking about changing things up a bit around here. After a serious discussion with the husband last night about my blog and the purpose of blogging, I've decided to take this little blog a little more seriously. And thanks to my friend Erin at Navy Blue and I Do (check her out, she's got new stuff too!) I finally got the jump start I needed to make some changes. First, the name.....I think it suits me well, don't you? I am working on a new design and layout, so stay tuned for that.

Here are some of the goals I came up with for myself:

1. Post more often!
2. Comment more on other blogs....stop lurking and say hello!
3. Make more bloggy friends.
4. Create a weekly segment called "Love it Keep it" where I talk about things I'm currently lovin' and keepin' (stay tuned for the first installment, coming tomorrow!)
5. Share more personal views and opinions.
6. Find a blog design that I love.

Thanks for being patient with me as I change things up! I look forward to hearing what you guys think.

From now on you can find me at so please update your bookmarks. And leave a comment letting me know you made it over!


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11 Responses to “State of the Blog”

  1. Love the new name. Can't wait for your "new" blog.

  2. I love love your new blog name!! I would have picked it for myself if I'd have come up with it - I was often "the girl with the red shoes" in college.

    Love it!

    Can't wait for your whole new blog! :)

  3. I love the new name and the ideas you have for your blog. Can't wait for "Love it Keep it".

  4. I decided to comment, instead of lurking too. Its awesome you're gonna change things up. I made it over here but the link to your friend's blog didn't work. Maybe its just me. . .

    Can't wait to see the new design.

  5. I am such a sucker for red shoes. I own WAY too many of them. But I just can't resist. They're the best.

    And yours are absolutely lovely!

  6. The new name is so it! I can't wait to see what else you do.

  7. i ADORE everything about the new blog!! especially the name. its perfectly perfect!

  8. The new name is definately you. I was sad to here the retirement of "jon & julie" but time marches on. As always look forward to reading your blog.

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  10. Nice blog.Now,from your blog,I know something others. thanks.

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