New Look for the Front Door

January 18, 2010

I finally decided to take our front door Christmas wreath down....since it is like a month after Christmas after all. I left it up there because it was a fresh wreath that our neighbor gave us...and it was so pretty. Anyway, it was on it's last leg, so I decided we needed something new and spring-like for the front door. So of course I went to good old Hobby Lobby. (Right about now my mom is getting jealous that she doesn't have a HL by her in California. Well, mom, I feel the need to rub it in, seeing as you have Ikea, Home Goods, Nordstrom, BJ's pizza, Cheesecake Factory, and In n' Out all within a few minutes drive of your house. Hobby Lobby is the one thing I've got that you don't!) Anyway, moving on.
I forgot to take a picture of my supplies until after I had already started. Sorry. But I picked up 3 bunches of this green stuff at HL. They were half price. Oh, and I also forgot to move my water glass and ipod out of the way....just keeping it real around here. Oh and that hot glue gun? Didn't end up even using it, so pretend that's not there either.

I just cut the stems from the bunches and started sticking them in a wreath that I also got from HL for $3.99.

Here it is! I was going to trim her down and make it perfect looking, but then I decided I liked her all fluffy and I left it as is.

Then I took some ribbon I had and hot glued it to my wreath hanger. Then I tied a wooden "R" (for our last name) to the hanger to complete the look. I love it!

Welcome to our house!

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10 Responses to “New Look for the Front Door”

  1. That looks so great. Nice work.

  2. ooh! i LOVE it! you did an awesome job. and im with your mom, i want a hobby lobby!

  3. Quite impressive! All those years at the boutique have finally paid off.....YOU have become a crafter! It looks great and it's so you.

  4. I love that! You did a great job... looks great!

  5. Why don't I think of this stuff? I am making a quick stop to HL on my way home from work today.(I already have a grapevine wreath, so that is awesome). I live in the Grand Rapids area as well, and with the grey weather we have been having, I too need to pick me up. Thanks.


  6. You are incredible. If you ever start taking orders, let me know...I'd love to buy one of those for our front door!!! :)

  7. I love it! I used to work at the Hobby Lobby where I live. I really miss working there.

  8. This is adorable, thanks for posting! I have to go to JoAnn's and Michaels on the way home now and see if they have all the supplies to make one for our door!


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