Love it . . .Keep it

January 28, 2010

Welcome to the first round of "Love it...Keep it" where I'll chat about a few things I'm lovin' and keepin' this week. Why call it "Love it...Keep it" you ask? Well, when I was in college I was in a sorority and every semester we would review our guidelines and we would say "love it keep it" if we liked that guideline. Well the phrase sort of stuck and I use it all the time. So why not use it on my blog ya know? So here we go....

First up, Yes to Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner.
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My friend Holly recommended their products to me about a month ago and I immediately went out to Target and picked some up. I use the Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo and the Pampering Hair Mud Conditioner. It was love at first smell. And no, they do not smell like carrots! It leaves my hair feeling clean and smelling yummy! Plus the products are made with real ingredients like pumpkin and can't beat that!
Next, let's talk about Stash Chai Spice Black Tea.

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This is one of my favorite teas that I just discovered last week. I am not a coffee drinker so I'm always on the hunt for a good tea. Seriously so good. I have a cup of this tea with a dash of honey every morning at work...and it smells divine. I've also had the double spice chai tea and it is good too!

Number three this week is Bath and Body Works Winter Candle.(photo source)

This candle is left over from Christmas. It smells so good, I couldn't put it away! It smells like, well, winter....and Christmas. It makes my house feel warm and cozy, and I love it! This sent is available every winter, but they sell out quickly, so grab one when you see one!

My next love it keep it item is Old Navy's Women's Belted Boyfriend Cardigan.

(photo source)

I picked this up last week in brown but they also have it in bright pink and light grey. Totally lovin' and keepin' this light and comfy sweater. And it is the perfect length.

And last for this week is Target's Merona Solid Wrap.

(photo source)

Did I mention that Target is one of my favorite stores? I love these wraps. I have one in green and one in white (that I'm wearing today!). They are so soft and pretty...and only $12.99! They look way more expensive and I get a compliment every time I wear one.

Thanks for stopping by and reading "Love it...Keep it"! And stop by navy blue and i do for some really cute and personalized love it keep its.

What are you lovin' and keepin' this week?

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5 Responses to “Love it . . .Keep it”

  1. im totally going out and getting that shampoo!!

  2. Great new blog and great post. Makes me want to go and get the shampoo. The candle I already have. Wonderful job Julie. I love to read your blog. Teresa

  3. Somebody posted on my blog that I need to try that shampoo. And now I really need to try it!

    Ditto on the Target love. Ditto.

  4. I may definitely try that shampoo.. I just have to wait until I finish the shampoo I just picked up yesterday. I may be a bit of a product whore! ha! Thanks so much for the post... Loved it!

  5. I love Stash Black Tea, it's a perfect winter tea!


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