More Snow

December 9, 2009

We keep getting more snow! So we are trying to make the best of it. Yesterday Henry ventured out on the back deck to play and investigate. Pancake decided to stay inside and keep warm.

But nobody loves the snow as much as Wrigley!

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4 Responses to “More Snow”

  1. I can't believe how much snow you have in G.R. We can still see the grass but it is snowing and blowing as I write this. I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I will say I've already had my fill of winter driving. The roads have been so slippery. Enjoy our beautiful Michigan winter! We should have a winter wonderland when your Mom arrives.

  2. It sure looks cold!!

  3. wrigley is getting so so big! it looks like hes having fun in the snow! stay warm out there!

  4. They look so cute ..


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