First Snow

December 7, 2009

On Friday we got our first taste of what it is like to live in Michigan during the winter....snow! Usually we get a little sprinkling here and there as a warm up...but not this year. The snow just dumped on us! This is our house on Friday afternoon. We had no snow the day before.
It really is long as you don't have to drive in it.

It was Wrigley's first time seeing snow....and he loved it! He didn't hesitate at all...just jumped right in and started playing and digging.

He didn't want to come inside.

He's a snow dog for sure.

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5 Responses to “First Snow”

  1. The tree with the berries is beautiful. As you say the snow is beautiful BUT then we have to drive in it....another story.
    Jon said Wrigley really liked the snow. The pictures prove it.

  2. Maddy Jean loves snow too. Maybe it's a Golden thing ...

  3. I love to look at snow but that's about it. I do not miss winters in Michigan.

    Umm how cute is Wrigley. Adorable!Love all the pics of him.

    Ooh and just love your house.

  4. yay el nino and dumping all that snow! im so glad wrigley loves to play in it. . . he needs a jacket for christmas!

  5. Beautiful to look at in pictures!! Glad Wrigley's snow dog. He looks so cute with snow on his nose.


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