Seriously, How Cute Were We?

November 2, 2009

As promised, here are some of the photos I used of the husband and I at our wedding. I tried to match similar photos together. I put one pair on each table at the reception and it was a big hit. Here are some of my favorites!
Me, workin' my bathing suit. I just die over that belly. Look how much confidence I had!

The husband. Don't you just love his blond hair?

I love this one. So does my mom...because, um, I'm her kid and I'm totally adorable.

The husband in a similar pose. Don't you just love how we had so many photos that were alike?

This is my mom's absolute favorite photo. And proof that I've always had bright red hair! (Take that, silly people who ask me if it is natural!)

How cute is the husband in his bow tie? I love it.

Me with our Collie Lady. I named her that after watching Lady and the Tramp. We later had a cat named Tramp!

The husband with his Sheltie puppy Sunshine.
Stay tuned for more photos this week!

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2 Responses to “Seriously, How Cute Were We?”

  1. Love the pics. They did make a personal statement on the tables at your receptions. It was very special. What lovely memories!

  2. 2 cuties destined to be together!!


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