Okay, I admit it....

November 19, 2009

Yes, I am a Twilight freak. I've read the books. I own the first movie (and secretly love it). And I'm definitely making plans to see New Moon this weekend. No, I won't be wearing a "Team Edward" shirt, or screaming at the screen....but I'll be there for sure. Who's with me?

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10 Responses to “Okay, I admit it....”

  1. Duh! You know I am! I can not wait to see it tonight! I can't concentrate I am so excited.

  2. Oh I'm right there with you. I bought my ticket for Friday's show earlier this week. I don't have a team Edward shirt but if I did I would wear it to work tomorrow.

  3. Katie a.k.a. Bridesmaid #4November 19, 2009

    That comment was from Katie in WA BTW

  4. oh im SO there! im going to san fran with a bunch of boys so theres no way i'll be seeing it this weekend. BUT i cant wait! go team edward!

  5. I was there at midnight, and I was wearing a team Edward shirt.

    Yep, I'm right there with you. And it was fun!

  6. *Raising hand enthusiastically*

    I think my girlfriends and I won't make it until next weekend, however. We didn't want to get caught up in the crowds of screaming women (who are basically just like us...but anyway).

  7. I might have to wait until the DVD comes out, which SUCKS, but none of my friends here are into the whole Twilight thing, and there is no way Kevin will go, so I will just have to wait...I still have about 40 pages left to read in the book...ENJOY!!!

  8. Adam and I went to see it Friday at 1pm. Got to love Jacob :)

  9. I am a secret fan as well (not to my family) but I have to wait a bit longer to see it too many things going on at once =( But those who are priviledge to see it ENJOY!!!!!!

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