Goodbye Fall

November 16, 2009

What happened to all of our pretty leaves? This year it seems like fall only lasted a few weeks. One day the trees were beautiful shades of red and orange and the next day they were bare! Every inch of our back yard was covered in leaves. So the husband and I spent a few hours raking them up (my first time raking! It was fun, for like the first 10 minutes).
Oh, and of course Wrigley had fun playing in the leaves.

And messing up our piles.

So now everything looks like winter, except we don't have any snow. Which I'm sure will change in a few weeks....darn.

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5 Responses to “Goodbye Fall”

  1. he's so big!! and LOVES the leaves. . . he looks like he had so much fun in there!

  2. Awe, he's growing up ...
    (I have a golden too. So, watching him grow up reminds me of Maddy Jean when she was little. She's six now.)

  3. I just can't believe how big Wrigley is!!!!! Where did that little puppy go? LEAVES...lots of never ending work.

  4. This is why I live in California. He is so cute in the leaves.

  5. Wrigley is so cute........and such a good helper in the yard!


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