Puppy School Graduate

October 26, 2009

It's official: Wrigley is a puppy school graduate! After six weeks of puppy class, our little guy received his diploma. Probably because every puppy did. Wrigley did complete all of his tasks during his final evaluation, so we were proud. We just need to keep practicing!

He loves his diploma.

I didn't get a picture of it until after he slobbered all over his name...oh well.
It adds some character.

Pancake is keeping it safe, for now.

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3 Responses to “Puppy School Graduate”

  1. Congratulations Wrigley! He is such a big grown up boy.

  2. Way to Go !!!!

    My two dogs graduated and forgot everything they learned.

    Love that your cat is helping ...

  3. The first of many accompolishments!


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