More Photo Shoot

October 21, 2009

Here are some of our favorite shots from our photo shoot with Loon Lake Photography. Wrigley looks so different now. It is so great to have these shots of him when he was a little fuzz ball.
Back when I could still carry him. Those were the days.

I heart this one. It totally captures his personality.

So does this one.

I hope you like them! These just might be on our Christmas card this year....

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9 Responses to “More Photo Shoot”

  1. Beautiful pictures and your hair looks amazing!

  2. Your photos are great. Goldens grow up and become too big to hold. Even though they would still like to sit on your lap. You'll look back at these and be glad you had them taken.

  3. You have the most gorgeous hair EVER!!!

  4. Love the pictures! Your photographer does beautiful work and you guys look fantastic, as usual :)

  5. Such very special photos. I read the above comments and agree the most beautiful hair and your photographers' are absolutely the BEST!! The husband is also very handsome. Love you!

  6. These are great pictures Julie! You will love having these to look back on, especially since Wrigley is already getting so big.

  7. Love the Wrigey looks so sweet. The 3 of you make quite a striking family!

  8. i love how the pics of wrigley turned out! they did such a great job. . you guys are such a cute little family!


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