More Memories

November 4, 2009

Here we go, round two of "let's look at how cute we were" photos. I hope you aren't sick of them! I love looking at photos of people when they were goofy kids!
I know I've posted this one before. Me and my cousin John. Everyone thought we were twins because we both had red hair. But I am a few years older. I have no idea what we are wearing but my mom clarified that it is a bear on my shirt, and not a stain. I was a very clean kid. Click here (4th photo down) to see my cousin now!
Here is the husband dressed up with his sister, Erin. He still does that head tilt when he doesn't want his picture taken. Some things never change.

I think this was a Halloween costume. Can you tell I wasn't very good at ballet?
The husband showing off his trophies...not in a Halloween costume. I guess these photos don't match as well, but were probably taken in the same year. Just a few weeks ago the husband's parents brought a huge box of his trophies over to our house.....we will be making a donation to Special Olympics very soon.

I LOVE this photo of the husband. He looks so great in suspenders, don't you think? This was one of his senior year photos.

Here is me, about a year earlier, in my 9th grade photo.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane! I'll be back soon with pictures of California!

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3 Responses to “More Memories”

  1. Loved the walk down memory lane. If at any time you can't think of anything to blog...let's have more memories. I haven't seen a lot of your childhood pics. Sometime when we visit you I'd love to see the wedding video again. Maybe at Thanksgiving or Christmas? Enjoy sunny California because it's cold here this morning.Miss You

  2. I love the ballet costume!!
    So cute!! I am also a huge fan of the high school pics. I love that they are both brown and white

  3. i love all these old pics! its so fun to see you two growing up :) such cuties!!!


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