Country Living Fair

September 29, 2009

One of the reasons my mom wanted to come to visit was so that we could go to the Country Living Fair in Ohio. She reads Country Living Magazine and apparently they have this big craft fair every of course we wanted to check it out!
Welcome to the fair! We finally got there...after 5 hours in the car, one stop for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, and one stop at Home Goods.

There were tons of tents set up with all the goods for sale...heaven!

These photos are for my mother-in-law. She loves her some Longaberger baskets!

Me in a big basket! And yes, it is Longaberger!

Big old pile of harvest goods.

I'll post some pictures of our finds over the next few days. I meant to take some that day, but it was so hot and I was feeling pretty parched by the end of the day. Our plan was to spend the night in Ohio and then go to some antique markets the next day...well that never happened. When we were leaving the fair the husband called me to tell me that Wrigley was really sick. And since it was my first time away from the puppy, and his first time being sick, I really felt like I couldn't enjoy myself until I knew if he was okay. Of course my mom totally understood and recommended we drive back home. So that's what we did! My poor little guy was feeling really crummy....and so was the husband after caring for him (and cleaning up after him) all night. Wrigley was fine by the next day, but I'm still glad we came home to check on my boys!

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3 Responses to “Country Living Fair”

  1. Oh Julie! I was freaking out when I saw the Longaberger sign. Sure wish I would have been there. Looks like a great place. Thanks for thinking about me.
    I'm also happy you went home that night to check on your boys. I'm sure they appreciated it. I was worried about your little guy & I'm sure the big guy needed some tender loving care too.

  2. I have a few longaberger baskets ...

    Glad your pup is ok ...

  3. The fair was fun, although we were sweating....thank goodness for sun screen and lemonade!

    Connie, Longaberger has a whole line of baskets with the MSU logo for tailgating! I tried to convince Jon that he needed a few baskets but he wouldn't listen. Maybe he will listen to his mother!


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