August 12, 2009

Henry has been eating all of our plants lately and he destroyed the flowers the husband got me for my birthday. So, to satisfy his need for some green I bought him some cat grass to munch on. He loves it!

Lets hope this doesn't make him think all the plants are for him to eat!

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4 Responses to “Henry”

  1. They have cat grass? That cracks me up big time!

  2. Lucky Henry!
    Where do you get cat grass? Did it come in that cute red pot?

  3. That's funny... i have heard of this. Glad it's working so far! Love the blog!

  4. I got it at the grocery store with the produce! They have something similar at petsmart too but it was cheaper at the grocery store. I think it is wheat grass, but they just call it cat grass. And no, mom, it didn't come in the red pot...you know I did that myself...I am my mother's daughter after all!


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